Against the Grain!

It’s here! The new cook book from Kate over at Modern Alternative Mamma! I told you a while back that I’d had a chance to test several of the recipes for Against the Grain and was really impressed with what they offered. The food was good, simple, used ingredients that I already had on hand, […]

Tell Your Time and Chamomile Tea


The weather was beautiful at 7:30 this morning, especially considering it is November. How do I know? ‘Cause I was out of the house by that time this morning, fetching our week’s worth of raw milk from the local dairy farm. I always feel like the little pig who beat the wolf to the market […]

Baby Wipes Revisited


I posted about my homemade baby wipes over a year ago now. The response has been amazing – I still get comments on that post! I just wanted to give an update on how my system has evolved in the last year, making it even easier and time efficient. To get see my recipe and […]

A Stretching Journey


If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I am an addicted seamstress, always trying something new, and driven by an almost insane desire to ‘make it myself‘! (Similar to a three-year-old’s demand to ‘do it myself!’) I have tried couch covers, baby clothes, authentic historic costume, cloth shopping bags, maternity clothes, […]