A Fresh Perspective on Pee

Some days it seems all I do all day is manage bodily functions. Jesse’s wetting his pants. Claire’s distraction leading to 20 min. toilet runs. Seth’s stinky diapers. And my own frequent needs–fed by the goal of drinking a gallon of water per day for the sake of my kidneys–requiring multiple runs up the stairs for myself – [Continue Reading…]

Of Pancake Zoos and Native Accomidations


 Our road trip last month was another chance to relive some fond memories and experiences from the homestead. Considering the bus’ difficulty keeping us cool at times, we cooked outside as much as possible. Thankfully, I don’t mind cooking over an open fire. Apparently, neither does my father-in-law.  His specialty is shaped pancakes, which thrills – [Continue Reading…]


From that day on, I was terrified of the wind.   I sat in the rocker in the small, cleared space in the center of the tipi, rocking steadily in an effort to soothe myself. My hands covered my ears trying to block out the rush of the wind as it roared from the west and – [Continue Reading…]