You’re Invited…

One of the best things about the Relevant Conference I attended last fall (now Allume Social) was the fellowship with other passionate, believing women. Imagine my excitement when they closed out the conference with the announcement of an idea to bring the fun and fellowship of a women’s conference to your own town – even […]

Best of 2011 – Time and Balance


  It all started with Amy’s book, Tell Your Time. Reading it opened my eyes to how many moments were actually available to me in a day if I would only take hold of them. I realized the goals and dreams I had as a wife, mother, friend, writer, etc. where within my reach if […]

Of Mice and Men and Pride


Prideful thoughts are kind of like mice. You know they’re there, but must of the time they stay hidden. Until one day that prideful thought grows a little too confident and goes public, like a sleek, fat mouse, suddenly waltzing across your kitchen in broad daylight like he owns the place. This is not just […]

Thrill Therapy


There is something therapeutic about riding a Roller Coaster. As a mom, I have so much responsibility. Three small children, managing a house, cooking 3 meals a day, being a wife, running a business – so much depends on keeping it all together. Some days I feel like the Elephant in “Horton Hears a ‘Who’” […]

The Most Memorable Moment of Relevant11


I’ve just got back from a weekend in Harrisburg, PA, attending the Christian Women’s Blogging Conference, Relevant. It will take months to process and recount to you all the beauty, inspiration, and practical insight I received from this conference, but I simply can’t wait to share with you the Most Memorable Moment I exeprienced. No […]