Introducing: The Real {Fast} Food Cooking Class!


This has been a dream of mine for over a year. This month, it’s finally happening. I’m teaming up with my friend-and-mentor-in-all-things-nourishing, Claire, to teach you what we’ve learned about nourishing our families with real food, in the comfy, friendly atmosphere of my own, vintage-blue kitchen. And YOU are invited… Where: My home in Ovid, […]

Cordito! {Sauerkraut Part 2}


I vote Cordito to be the easiest sauerkraut to add to your menu. It’s Mexican in origin, made with carrots, onions and cabbage and seasoned with oregano and red pepper. You just throw it on with the  salsa, sour cream, olives, and other toppings you’re layering in your taco, and then enjoy the subtle-yet-incredibly-authentic flavor […]

Celebrating {Good Food}


I love when good-for-you food is good, too. And I love it when I decide to splurge for a special occasion (like my 30th birthday yesterday!) and find a really good-for-you recipe to use. This recipe does have chocolate chips (which I did not make myself), but other than that, they’re nutrient dense with good […]

How Eating Better {Didn’t} Break the Bank


Jeremy made a startling announcement to me the other day. It was in the middle of yet another one of my apology and strategy sessions in which I humbly acknowledge my terrible lack of discipline in the little details of my life, specifically in the area of keeping track of cash. (I shall not make […]

Real {Fast} Food: Re-Launch and Prizes, Prizes!!!


So, by now you all know how excited I am about getting my book, Real {Fast} Food updated and formatted for Kindle. It’s been really awesome hearing from many of you who’ve reviewed the book on Amazon how the book has helped you: add more real food into your busy schedules,  feel less overwhelmed transitioning […]

Real {Fast} Food – the Video!

I’m so excited to show you a special something we created to help introduce people to my book Real {Fast} Food. Jendi from Scenes and Cinema is the brains and talent behind the video, and Jesse was the star of the show. Enjoy, and share it with friends to help spread the word!

Reviews of Real {Fast} Food

Real {Fast} Food has been enthusiastically reviewed by several popular real food bloggers, and given 5 stars repeatedly in reviews on Amazon. Enjoy these reviews and be sure to add your own! Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up says,“Finding the time to cook when switching to  a whole foods diet is a huge stopping point for […]