Run, Mamma, Run

She slips out the screen door–scheeee-bang! Already in the lead, having managed to escape the house The 6 year old The 4 year old And, most importantly, The toddler They’re all sleeping, under Daddy’s care, So Momma can run. She stretches as a friend taught her–ouch! And remembers a 10 year old’s straddle split That […]

Five Minute Fridays: Unexpected

Five Minute Fridays – Today’s Prompt…Unexpected UnexpectedHow you come inShining light into all my hopelessnessWas it something I did?Or is it just YouLover of creatingSurprisesRedemptionAnd hopeHow is it I can never explainThe deepest workings in my heartThe moments you step in and redirect my heartChange my life?I guess it’s all just to give youMore GloryThis […]

She Dances Now

She Dances Now Broken, torn, and badly twistedHeld by control, tight-fistedShe ripped herself up from her rootsAnd ran. Never knowing love and happiness,Stifled by the pain and uglinessShe knew she needed air to breath,She ran. God looked down upon her lonelinessHe’s a Father to the fatherlessHe began to make a place where she Could rest. […]

Prayer of the Overachiever

Can you hear your own heart beatingAs you stress upon your bed?Does the sound of the life comingDrown the music in your head?Can we worship in this moment,Can He stop us, show us how?Total freedom to be joy-filledJust today, just for this hour?Not connected, not dependent,On the future’s say or power;Can the knotted neck relaxAnd […]

Blue Dawn

i love rising withthe light still bluewhen the Dawn Keeperis stillunlatching the gates.winter morning lightcomes mainly from the ground, andbushes, androoftops where snow mounds.all this reflected, blue glowand the silencetransforms the world I knew outside my windowinto a silent strangerwaiting patient, as i,for the dawn. copyright 2011 Trina Holden

Brief Supplications

Are there people on your prayer list that it hurts to pray for? Maybe you’re praying for them because you know you need to love them more, and you know prayer towards them can change your heart. God says, “pray for those who hate you”. But maybe they haven’t hurt you, but just thinking of […]

No, no, no!

“No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,No comfortable feel in any member–No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds–November!“ Thomas Hood Well, I don’t actually feel that bad about November, but I have always loved this clever little poem! Yes, there will be plenty of days this month […]

No Dark Song

People use sound and tongue all dayCalling to each otherDrawing heart to heartMusic cuts through flesh and thoughtLinking soul to soulWhispered words can scream dreamsBut dark emotions bruise soundHate feeds silenceFear flattens melodyGuard against black toneAnd teach no dark song. copyright2008trinaholden

Emily on October

The morns are meeker than they were -The nuts are getting brown -The berry’s cheek is plumper -The Rose is out of town. The Maple wears a gayer scarf -The field a scarlet gown -Lest I should be old fashionedI’ll put a trinket on. Emily Dickinson c.1858

Travel Diaries: Poetry on the Road

The presentation at the Creation Museum Planetarium has had such an impact on me both times that I have seen it – I was delighted when my Mother-in-Law got a copy of it at the musuem gift shop. It’s called Created Cosmos and is available on line as well. It won’t be quite the same […]