Run, Mamma, Run

She slips out the screen door–scheeee-bang!
Already in the lead, having managed to escape the house
The 6 year old
The 4 year old
And, most importantly,
The toddler
They’re all sleeping, under Daddy’s care,
So Momma can run.

She stretches as a friend taught her–ouch!
And remembers a 10 year old’s straddle split
That made her girlfriends cringe
Not anymore, Mamma!

Her shoes make a funny squeak–flap!
As she steps onto the pavement
The (size 12) Nikes her husband bought her
When her eldest was a baby
Were in nearly-new condition until last month.
She is proud to have worn them out at last.
Mamma has earned herself new shoes!

She checks the time and starts to run, silently
Each friend who has also signed up for the race
Joins her now along the road
She couldn’t do this without them
The cheer each other on,
Commiserate about the pain, the sweat, the joy
Of jogging
Voices inside Mamma’s head.

Now she must concentrate–step, step, breathe!
The road mocks her as she slowly, slowly nears the half-way point
“Even if you tackle me now, I’ll get you on the way back!”
The Doubts join her now,
Like rocks in her shoes
“You’ll never be able to run a whole 5k!”
She rallies and reminds them all–
Reminds herself–
That every run so far
Has been a victory
One race does not define success:
Each time she’s left the house
Before the sun was up,
Each time she’s pushed for ten more yards
Before a blessed walk,
Each time she doesn’t stress
About the end,
But embraces the process
She’s won.
So run, Mamma, run!

The final stretch–breath, step, step!
She promises her legs
They’ll quit at the speed zone sign
But she beaks her promise
“Let’s do the speed limit sign, instead!”
And from there she can see the stop sign
She imagines the real race,
The friends cheering,
Her son’s face,
The adrenalin surging,
And she zooms! (slowly)
Past the sign, pushing to the end
Mamma sees red!

Finished, she embraces the rest of walking–pant, step, pant!
She and a squirrel cross the road at the same time.
The squirrel wins.
She doesn’t care–she’s 100 yards from her couch,
A tall glass of water
And satisfaction.
Mamma won.

Five Minute Fridays: Unexpected

Five Minute Fridays – Today’s Prompt…Unexpected

How you come in
Shining light into all my hopelessness
Was it something I did?
Or is it just You
Lover of creating
And hope
How is it I can never explain
The deepest workings in my heart
The moments you step in and redirect my heart
Change my life?
I guess it’s all just to give you
More Glory
This whole ‘can’t put my finger on it’
‘Can’t explain it’
Thing called Grace
At unexpected times
And places
You write a whole new page
That starts a whole new chapter
Of the page-turner
That is my life.

That’s all I’ve got. Do I have to keep writing? Hello? I’m officially breaking the rules of Five Minute Fridays! :) But this one, like “On Distance” seem to have exhausted me – rung me dry, before the timer dinged. Five Minute Fridays has become a holy experience for me – how about you?

She Dances Now

She Dances Now

Broken, torn, and badly twisted
Held by control, tight-fisted
She ripped herself up from her roots
And ran.

Never knowing love and happiness,
Stifled by the pain and ugliness
She knew she needed air to breath,
She ran.

God looked down upon her loneliness
He’s a Father to the fatherless
He began to make a place where she
Could rest.

He made arms to hold her safe and fast
Heart big enough to love her past
and future, God prepared for her
A man.

Now she’s grown in strength and loveliness
Flourished beyond the brokenness
She’s found her place and grace with which
To stand.

Written for a friend. Copyright 2011 Trina Holden

Prayer of the Overachiever

Can you hear your own heart beating
As you stress upon your bed?
Does the sound of the life coming
Drown the music in your head?
Can we worship in this moment,
Can He stop us, show us how?
Total freedom to be joy-filled
Just today, just for this hour?
Not connected, not dependent,
On the future’s say or power;
Can the knotted neck relax
And the breathing gently slow-
And that armor saved for battles
Be set down so we can dance?
God, I’m full of the foreboding
Of a thousand could-go-wrongs
Overwhelm the fleshly chanting
With your own, sweet “Trust Me” song.
Lord, I trust you with my hope-to’s
And I give to you my have-to’s
And that deadline and those totals
And the list and all those hours.
I will trust the track I’m on is
Your idea or I’d be
Gently guided to another where
Your grace abounds for me.

Copyright Trina Holden May 2011

Blue Dawn

i love rising with
the light still blue
when the Dawn Keeper
is still
unlatching the gates.
winter morning light
comes mainly from the ground, and
bushes, and
rooftops where snow mounds.
all this reflected, blue glow
and the silence
transforms the world I knew outside my window
into a silent stranger
waiting patient, as i,
for the dawn.

copyright 2011 Trina Holden

Brief Supplications

Are there people on your prayer list that it hurts to pray for? Maybe you’re praying for them because you know you need to love them more, and you know prayer towards them can change your heart. God says, “pray for those who hate you”. But maybe they haven’t hurt you, but just thinking of them hurts. Keep praying. God hears even the brief supplications we make when we can’t think of what else to say…Here’s an old poem of mine on this subject…

Brief Supplications

Oh, my dear
It’s hard to pray for you
‘Cause just saying your name
Remembers pain.

It conjures up
As best it can
A poster of a broken dream
That’s passed
And so I say it fast - 
“Lord bless so-and-so”
And then I rush
To other spots
And names and places
In my thoughts.

‘Cause I care for you
And want to lift you up
But just saying your name
Remembers pain. 

Trina Bauman copyright2005

No, no, no!

“No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member–
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds–

Thomas Hood

Well, I don’t actually feel that bad about November, but I have always loved this clever little poem! Yes, there will be plenty of days this month that are unbelievably gray and chilly, but I am excited about this month! Our calendar is already filling up fast with visits with friends (both here and there!), concerts (away and at home!) and the excitement of the coming holidays. What do you love about November?

No Dark Song

People use sound and tongue all day
Calling to each other
Drawing heart to heart
Music cuts through flesh and thought
Linking soul to soul
Whispered words can scream dreams
But dark emotions bruise sound
Hate feeds silence
Fear flattens melody
Guard against black tone
And teach no dark song.


Emily on October

The morns are meeker than they were -
The nuts are getting brown -
The berry’s cheek is plumper -
The Rose is out of town.

The Maple wears a gayer scarf -
The field a scarlet gown -
Lest I should be old fashioned
I’ll put a trinket on.

Emily Dickinson c.1858

Travel Diaries: Poetry on the Road

The presentation at the Creation Museum Planetarium has had such an impact on me both times that I have seen it – I was delighted when my Mother-in-Law got a copy of it at the musuem gift shop. It’s called Created Cosmos and is available on line as well. It won’t be quite the same watching it on a smaller screen, but I think it will still blow your mind. I was still thinking about it on Saturday as we continued south on our way to the condo, and wrote this poem…


Thank You
For the stars
That remind us
Who You are
We’ve got things
So warped
Thinking mountains big
And stars so small
Jump back a few galaxies
To see reality:
God made it all
And His favorite part
Is your worshiping heart.