Mommy Gets a Makeover, Part 3

fall accesories

I came away from my Personal Pinterest survey with a surprisingly short list of items I needed to add to my closet to revamp my wardrobe: 1. A skinny belt 2. Long Skirts 3. A pair of riding boots The skinny belt was simple. I went to the thrift store, found a worn-but-genuine-leather belt, and […]

Mommy Gets a Makeover, Part 2

freedom style

Yesterday I described my personal style struggle. Today I’ll share what jump-started my personal fashion revolution: Fashion Revelation #1: It’s OK to be a Copycat All my life I’ve been inspired by the styles and tastes of the woman around me, yet I struggled to translate the looks I saw into an outfit for myself. […]

Mommy Gets a Makeover, part 1

blessed season

I come from stylish stock. Yet I have always struggled with my own sense of style. I fondly blame the homestead years. For my entire teens–when most girls are spending extra time in front of the mirror or at the mall, tweaking and tailoring till they discover just the right look for them–I was focused […]