I get a kick out of the questions people frequently ask me, through the blog or in person. Here’s the top 10 I hear most frequently. Add your question in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it!

  1. How many children do you want? Short answer: Lots. Long answer: We will welcome as many as children as the Lord gives us, through birth or adoption. We do believe in spacing our children for my health and optimal nutrition for each baby.
  2. Why did you move to the homestead? The answer is long and complicated. When I figure it out I’ll let you know. (Post in progress!)
  3. Why did you live in a tipi? See above.
  4. Do you cloth diaper? No, but I hope to someday. I do make my own wipers, though!
  5. Do you eat all organic? Nope. We do what we can with our budget and resources. I’d say about 60% of what we eat is local, 30% organic. 
  6. Are you serious? People ask me that when I mention I lived in a tipi, homebirth, and self-published a book. (the answer is “Yes!”)
  7. What does your husband do? Short answer: Lots. Long answer: He works in the family business. He teaches people with disabilities how to ski. He calls and teaches square dancing. And he helps people save money on their electric bill (Contact him for more info: jeremy.e.holden(at)gmail(dot)com)
  8. Really? That’s the question I get when people learn I offer an open invitation to my blog readers to come and visit us here in the Fingerlakes Region of NY. I have a growing list of delightful new friends who have done just that. Check out my guest room, reserved for YOU!
  9. Are you’re children always this good? Now it sounds like I’m bragging, but I do get this question a lot! I blame the genes they get from their even-tempered father, and a nourishing diet low in sugar.
  10. Can you tell us more about the Family Bus? Yes – enjoy this video tour of our Bus converted to an RV that sleeps 10+!

Got a question? Ask away!

Short and Random


  • Homeschooled all the way
  • second eldest of 7 kids
  • grew up in Fl., N.C., and N.Y.
  • Lived in a tipi
  • Then a log cabin
  • Learned to grow a {huge} garden, exercise hospitality, and eviscerate a chicken {in 6 seconds} while living on a homestead
  • Married my {awesome} pastor’s {awesome} son in 2005.



  • Write and publish the story of my family’s 9 year sojourn on the homestead
  • Mother many, many children
  • Offer massive hospitality that refreshes and encourages many
  • Learn the art of massage therapy
  • Be {madly} in love with my husband in our 90′s

How’s That Working For You? Part 2 – 12 Things That Work For Me

How’s That Working For You -Part 1 – On Living Intentionally

Here’s a list of things that are a part of my life that ‘work for me’.

Again, my purpose in sharing these things is not to debate, or to show you how right I am and how wrong you are – that’s not it at all. I simply hope to inspire you to evaluate where you stand, and why you’re standing there. I’m going to be brief, and hope to address each of these points more fully in later posts.

1. I believe my health (and that of my family) is in direct relation to what we eat. For this reason, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare nutrient dense meals from whole ingredients, believing this to be the key to my family’s present and future health.
Result: We are rarely sick, and when we do catch the occasional bug, we recover quickly. My kids have never needed antibiotics or even had an earache. The future benefits remain to be seen, but I’m excited!

2. I believe in breastfeeding my babies. Even when they seem allergic to my milk! I change my diet and tweak what I eat until the elixir God designed for my babies is just what they need. Even if it means giving up chocolate and milk in my diet…
Result: Healthy babies and a whole lot of fulfillment!

3. I believe in parent-directed feeding. It’s a child’s first lesson in the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Studies show that a full, regularly spaced meal is better for a baby than ‘snacking’ whenever they fuss.
Result: Chubby, happy babies who sleep through the night!

4. I thrive on schedules and routine. I schedule computer time, my children’s naps, daily, weekly, and monthly chores and outings. I plan menus, blog posts, and projects sometimes a month out, and I make lists for everything.
Result: Peace and stability in our home, which, ironically, creates a foundation for spontaneity. Productivity and time for the things that are truly important to me.

5. I believe Biblical Womanhood. I believe my place of blessing and fulfillment is in submission and honoring my God given authority, my husband. I reject feminism in all forms.
Result: More satisfaction and joy in my role than I ever imagined.

6. We do not immunize our children. This is one area in which, though I believe very strongly, I’m unable at this time to give an articulate explanation of my stand. I’m committed to going back over the research I have read on this and giving you my reasons in a future post.
Result: My children have never had to suffer the pain and fear of vaccinations, vaccinosis, or other vaccine reactions. In fact, they are rarely sick at all. Hmm – wonder if that’s coincidence?

7. I believe in authenticity and unconditional love in relationships. The people in my life with whom I can be myself are the dearest relationships, and it is my goal to both surround myself with, and to BE a person who loves as Christ loves us.
Result: I often taste of the blessed fellowship, support, and joy that God designed to happen between His children.

8. We believe in spacing our children. Studies and my own personal experience are showing that it essential for the health of the mother and her children to have time between pregnancies for the mother’s body to ‘recharge’ so that she can impart to each little life in her womb everything it needs for optimum health.
Result: the ability to enjoy each of my children as the Lord gives them to me and not feel they are a burden I cannot handle. Children with strong immune systems.

9. I believe I am on this earth to glorify God. I have a personal relationship with Christ, having trusted Him as my savior. I try to live my life in accordance with His word and what the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.
Result: Focusing on this always helps my perspective and brings me peace.

10. I believe that prayer to the One True God, Jesus Christ, works.  Every time.
Result: I have a hope that extends beyond this temporal world, and many opportunities to see God’s power at work. Just yesterday, in fact, I cried out to God in a moment of weakness, and He delivered me. Tell you about that soon!

11. I believe true fulfillment comes from seeking God’s best for my life.  I had an epiphany regarding this during my first year of motherhood, and hope to share the story with you soon.
Result: I am fulfilled and content with my life.
12. I believe natural, homebirth is the best thing for me and my family. Pregnancy is not a disease, and Labor is not an emergency – it was designed by God and I believe the home is the ideal place to experience this miracle. I am not against doctors – I simply choose to reserve their involvement for emergencies.  Result: Peace and Security during labor, actually enjoying the delivery of my children. Priceless memories as we have celebrated the arrival of each child.

So, that’s my list. What’s yours? Are you living intentionally? Are your choices based on what you feel is God’s best for you and your family? 

I sincerely hope so.


A Christmas List

1. Christmas Baking has begun. I start with Biscotti ’cause it lasts the longest.

2. We got our tree yesterday afternoon after church and are going to decorate it today, which I’m totally excited about because it’s actually the dutch Christmas holiday, “Sinterklauss“, on December 6th.

A quick and easy buffet display before I officially decorate for Christmas.

3. I’ve been craving doughnuts, so I think I’ll make Ollie Bollen for a treat tonight.

4. I’m going red this year – My Christmas wreath will be made of Red Osier, with bells. Have you a wreath yet? You can make your own with this tutorial.

5. I have already lost Christmas presents I bought two days ago. Where did I put them?

6. Snow on Sunlight – I mean, Sunlight on Snow! I love how a snow cover and all the extra, reflected, white light brightens each room of my house.

Jesse’s first Christmas book page. Yes, I am quite proud. Don’t you love Eve’s hair?!

7. This has nothing to do with Christmas, but the other night at dinner, Jesse was giving voice to the roasted chicken we were eating – “Help! They eating me!” and “Ahhh! Tearing off my skin!!!” It was slightly disturbing, but did not ruin my appetite for the crispy, golden skin of that yummy, pastured bird.

8. No need to sample your Christmas tree’s needles. Claire has already tried this year’s growth and they are terrible.

9. This verse made my day when I managed to get up early enough to read my Bible the other day -
“The Lord thy God in the midst of the is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love, He will joy over thee with singing.” 
Zephaniah 3:17
10. He loves us so much. That’s why we have Christmas, Peoples! ☺