Five Minute Friday: Remember


Five Minute Fridays with Lisa JoI got to do this writing exercise/indulgence live with Lisa Jo and dozens more at Relevant last week. It was amazing!!! Five Minutes!!! with Lisa Jo If you love to write or would love to write, this is a great way to get started! Today’s prompt is… Remember…that moment when […]

Dusty Sunshine


It’s happening – hear and there, bit by bit, progress is being made. One day it’s something as indiscernible as a second layer of paint. Another day it’s a long-rough edge being smoothed and made new. Spring brings time off from the family business once a week, allowing Jeremy to once again resume work on […]

Progress in the Master Bathroom Remodel


My husband is the Craig’s List King. I may have mentioned that he got almost everything for our master bathroom off of Craig’s List, including this double basin granite sink for $100. Yeah, it, it was broke in half, but he told me he could fix it. I believed him. He called me upstairs the […]

Jeremy Blogs!

Those who know my husband, Jeremy, know he is a man of few words, and that when he does speak, it’s usually worth listening to. Just wanted to let my readers know that he has written a guest post over on our friend Katie’s blog, Not Unredeemed.  In his post, “You Don’t Need a Fairy […]

Birthday Business


The house has recovered from the weekend, due, in large part to my dishwasher, my mother-in-law, and my kids, who are finally learning to clean up after themselves (bless them!). Last week involved a lot of preparation and secrets. A trip to the hardware with my little boy, and the ensuing loot hidden carefully in […]