Dusty Sunshine


It’s happening – hear and there, bit by bit, progress is being made. One day it’s something as indiscernible as a second layer of paint. Another day it’s a long-rough edge being smoothed and made new. Spring brings time off from the family business once a week, allowing Jeremy to once again resume work on – [Continue Reading…]

Jeremy Blogs!

Those who know my husband, Jeremy, know he is a man of few words, and that when he does speak, it’s usually worth listening to. Just wanted to let my readers know that he has written a guest post over on our friend Katie’s blog, Not Unredeemed.  In his post, “You Don’t Need a Fairy – [Continue Reading…]

Birthday Business


The house has recovered from the weekend, due, in large part to my dishwasher, my mother-in-law, and my kids, who are finally learning to clean up after themselves (bless them!). Last week involved a lot of preparation and secrets. A trip to the hardware with my little boy, and the ensuing loot hidden carefully in – [Continue Reading…]