Of Tea and Seasons

I made Kombucha Tea today for the first time since Seth was born. Why, when I believe so strongly in the health benefits of this and other fermented drinks, would I quit making it for over a year? The answer is the same reason as it was in this post – “Seasons”. I was in […]

Of Squash and Peace Regardless

The early morning air reconciles me to being sleepless since 4am. I walk out to my yard with my Bible to meet with my God, already tasting the sweetness this quiet morning promises. . . and that’s when I see the giant squash leaves torn and shredded, strewn on the ground near the compost. My […]

Grand Canyon


Five Minute Fridays Writing Prompt – On Distance photo taken on our honeymoon – Grand Canyon, October, 2005 The distance between…two souls can seem so, so far. The space vast, as the thousands of gulps of air between the South and North cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Every breath, sobbed, whispered, used for prayer or […]

Two Mites Is All I’ve Got, God!


It was the first 2 minutes I’d had to myself all day.  I’d been racing around all day, getting the kids ready to go to Grandmas and myself ready to go out with Jeremy for the evening and trying to leave the house in some semblence of order – oh, and cooking breakfast, lunch, and […]