Up in a Tree


 On the last, lovely, Indian Summer day, Jesse and I climbed a tree. (After I made him a leaf crown)  The Maple standing beyond the orchard was our goal.  I always wanted to be a mommy who climbed trees with her kids. Thankfully, I climbed lots of trees as I was growing up, so this […]

Apple Season…


…has come and gone. We picked the trees clean and pressed the final batch of cider on Labor Day. Jeremy saved out a few boxes of the best apples for me to turn into sauce, so that is what I’ve been doing today. Here’s a few photos and videos of the apple doings if you […]

Full Bloom


Finally, our orchard bloomed. It seemed like everywhere else the fruit trees were blooming, but not ours. But I was glad ’cause I didn’t have to worry about them when we had snow last week. (Yes, can you believe? That big green maple tree in the background was dusted with snow! Just like our magnolia […]

A Home for my Wisteria


Our new place came with a big old wisteria plant that was totally dominating a little decrepit arbor. This is the bush AFTER Jeremy trimmed it. He asked me what we could do with it, as it is an eye sore currently. I told him it needed something big to climb on that wouldn’t mind […]