{Our Grain Free Month} Why We Quit


The biggest question I’ve had to answer myself and others after trying a grain free diet for a month is – “Why did we quit?” The fact was, we felt great, liked the food, and knew this was good for our bodies. Why did we go back to eating grain (and raw milk, some sweeteners, […]

6 Things I’ve Having A Blast With This Week


1. I was privileged to be one of the recipe testers for Kate’s soon-to-be-released e-cookbook, “Against the Grain” Delicious recipes for the Whole Food and Grain-Free Diet. It was a blast helping her test and refine a few of the recipes – first, because it was like someone else took over menu planning for me […]

Happy to be Here

I was very blessed yesterday, and I just have to share it with any body out there who is listening. For two years now, on and off, but mostly on, I have been following a rather strict dietary plan to help my body to better health. The summer before I was married, I made an […]