My List of Ten for 2012

All week I’ve been planning to post about one of my favorite things…New Year’s Resolutions! But while I was reading some of my favorite blogs on the topic and something dawned on me like an orange globe in a pink winter sunrise… I can’t say it better myself, so I won’t even try.  Whether they – [Continue Reading…]

IRL {In Real Life} Adventures


Twice in the last few weeks I’ve had the immense pleasure of having a contact made through the blog turn into a face-to-face meeting – getting together with someone I’ve never met before, and ending our time as friends in real life. How cool is that!? Both visits happened ’cause these gals took my open – [Continue Reading…]

The Guest Room Is Ready!


 Last month we moved into our new bedroom, meaning the green room at the top of the stairs could now officially become the guest room.  It’s quite spacious, with a queen bed and a smaller toddler bed ready to host even a whole little family. Flowers compliments of my mother. Do come and visit!