How to Make a Corsage for Mother’s Day


I hereby give you permission to make yourself a corsage for mother’s day – it’s fun, and will save your husband a whopping $8-$15. Use the saved money to go on a thrift shopping spree! ☺ Just tell your husband to get you a dozen roses (whoops, there goes the savings!) and choose just one […]

Valentine’s Day at our House: For the Wife


oh, lisianthus – how I love you! pink roses, astromeria, and eucalyptus, too! Because he knows I like to arrange my own flowers. generous arrangement for the buffet When the cashier asks if he wants them arranged, he says, “My wife likes to do it herself.” and a little one for my bedstand Which she […]

Flowers and Chocolate


My first birthday gift was the Magnolia tree the Lord arranged to be planted in my yard years ago BURSTING into bloom just in time to gather an arrangement for my buffet. I have always loved these trees, which I have known as Tulip Trees. I am amazed and blessed that I  now have one […]

Waiting for Spring


Have you noticed a theme on the blog this month? It was not planned or scheduled…I just have spring on the mind. Better celebrate it on the blog now, ’cause when it does come, we’ll be too busy dancing under the apple blossoms in the orchard to be on the computer!!! This is the month’s […]

Another Lovely Wedding


White calla lilies, roses, millet, and hydrangea. Beatiful Couple at the reception. The flower girls providing entertainment at the reception (playing with bubbles). Some of my favorite people. (This was the wedding of some friends of our about an hour North of us. I did the flowers as well as coordinating on the day of […]

Fruits and Flowers


Yesterday I got a chance to drive over to our new place and get a closer look at the yard (it rained toward the end of the auction, so I didn’t have a chance then). I was delighted to get to meet and admire the fruits and flowers throughout our yard! In case you can’t […]