Worship Outside the Box {FMF}

What do you do when you can’t sleep and are up in the middle of the night nibbling on a peanut butter sandwich because baby wanted a snack? Oh, just a little free writing with the Five Minute Friday prompt “Worship”… I’ve been sharing in this story how I was raised with some rather rigid religious […]

FMF “After”

I’m a bit rusty at this. For four months I’ve funneled most of my writing into the shape of a book, and not allowed myself the freedom of writing for even 5 min. just for the fun of it. I’m starting up again today because my friend Gretchen encouraged me…she said “making time for beauty […]

Who is the Author of this Opportunity?

Does opportunity thrill you or scare you? I’m usually in the thrill category. Anything new and exciting, I’m on it. Somewhere I can embrace my passions and serve God at the same time? I’m on it! But lately I’ve had a little root of fear crop up. What if I fail? What if I start […]



This month is full of expectation. Especially in the garden. Every day (Ok, I admit, usually at least three times a day) I look around to see if anyone’s watching  if the kids will be ok for a minute without me, and I run out, barefoot across my new patio stones… (‘love, love, love’ my […]

Welcome to Trust


Five Minute Friday: Trust I came home from Relevant with many goals. New friendships to pursue, stories to tell, and a blog to redesign. But my main goal, inspired by every conversation and speaker, but especially Ann‘s session, was to become an upside-down, spirit-led blogger. It took several months of processing and prayer and sweat […]

Best of 2011: Freedom Fridays


This spring I discovered the delightful and inspiring Lisa Jo over at Gypsy Mamma and her Five Minute Friday writing prompt. It came at just the right time — on the days when I didn’t know why I was blogging, or the weeks when I didn’t have time to write, or when I felt like […]


Five Minute Friday Prompt: Connected Now, more than ever, we are connected. Our phones, computers, cars that get us places fast, airplanes, skype, texting – so many ways to stay connected. But are you connected? Do you use these tools in a way that deepens relationships, or do you use them to entertain, escape reality, […]

For the Tired

I know it’s not Friday, but this prompt was dear to my heart. Here’s Five Minutes of me writing on a highly overrated state – Tired.  What are you too tired to do? When was the last time you felt truly rested? Who would you be if you weren’t so tired? What are you willing […]

Five Minute Fridays: Unexpected

Five Minute Fridays – Today’s Prompt…Unexpected UnexpectedHow you come inShining light into all my hopelessnessWas it something I did?Or is it just YouLover of creatingSurprisesRedemptionAnd hopeHow is it I can never explainThe deepest workings in my heartThe moments you step in and redirect my heartChange my life?I guess it’s all just to give youMore GloryThis […]