Cinderella Dilema


 Yikes! I just looked at the calender this morning (feeling sufficiently recovered from the Christmas weekend to do so) and saw that we are booked to call a dance tomorrow night! That’s all I knew, ’cause for some reason Jeremy and I hadn’t talked about it further. (Maybe all the Christmas business?) So, when he – [Continue Reading…]


Jeremy got so many great pictures of the dance recital last night, I built another slide show so I could share all our favorites with you! We were so proud of all our sisters and our brother as they did excellent in all their dances. Also, there was a special guest appearance by the girls’ – [Continue Reading…]

The S.R.H.B.D.

For those of you have have wanted to know more about our dancing – hope this answers some questions! The dancing all started when several homeschooling families in our Church were doing a unit study on the civil war about 5 years. They decided to put on an authentic ball as part of the study. – [Continue Reading…]

More Dancing


This is one of the moves in the dance, “Jingle Bells’, which involves an intricate style of ‘ring-around-the-rosy’ with your partners. It’s called ‘making a basket… …and turning it inside out!’ This one gets people laughing, especially when there’s big height differences! Jesse was such a good boy all evening, passed from one person to – [Continue Reading…]

Let the dancing begin!


“Square your sets! The dance is starting!” Here are my father and mother-in-law, ready to dance Jingle Bells I love this picture of Sarah and Alice trying to figure out if they’re standing in the right place. Anja and Alyssa reach a hand across the set as Jeremy calls to the tune of Jingle Bells,“Head – [Continue Reading…]