Contest Upate from the Boy

Hi, everyone – aunties, uncles, grandparents and the rest of my fans! Mama said that, to make up for my “Citrus on Ice” not making it into the Wordless Weekend contest (see previous post and its comments), she would let me make an announcement. She said for me to tell you this:

When Auntie Lee and Auntie Liv were here the other day, they all viewed the entries for the Wordless Weekend Contest and chose their favorite – without telling each other. Then Daddy chose also, and finally they revealed their choices. And guess what? It was unanimous! (phew – Mama, can you please use smaller words?)

The winning photo will be posted tonight at 8:00pm and will stay at the top of the blog for the whole weekend!

Thanks to everyone for their awesome entries. Mama said to tell you that there were so many good ones, it really was a hard choice, and they hope to publish some runner’s up, as well! So, stay tuned to see the final results tonight!

Contest Updates

Well, the Wordless Weekend photo contest closed yesterday. We have received some eye-popping photos in the last week! Anja and Olivia will be coming over today and we plan to work on making a desicion. It’s going to be hard, though!

Then there’s the contest I entered – the SewMammaSew tutorial contest. They announced the winners yesterday, and…I didn’t win. :( But the contest brought forth some great project ideas! Go here to see the winners and see what projects you want to add to your sewing list!

And now, I am headed to the sewing room – got somethin’ big going on in there, and we’ll be letting you in on the excitement soon!

Wordless Weekend Contest!

Here at All That’s Good, we like to take a Sabbath rest on the blog, and normally do not post on Sundays. We like to set that day aside to honor our Lord and not spend so much time on the computer doing our own thing. However, if I have time on Saturday, I usually prepare a post to remain on the top of the blog over the weekend – a simple photo with little or no caption, which we call our Wordless Weekend.

Typically this is a landscape or a still life that I choose as one of my favorites of the photos that have been taken that week. Sometimes I go back in the archives and post a landscape taken on one of our trips across the country. Or, the photo captures ordinary, everyday beauty around the house.

Now we want to give YOU an opportunity to share in our weekly tradition. Do you enjoy photography, and think you have a pretty good eye? Have you ever wanted to enter a photography contest? Well, here’s your chance! There are no prizes – except the Distinct Honor of having your photo published on All That’s Good as a guest Wordless Weekend Post!!!

Of course, we get to make up the rules. :)

1. It must be an original photo taken since the beginning of the contest (today, April 23rd, 2008).

2. It must not be retouched or photo-shopped.

3. The photo may not have people in it – think landscape or still-life.
Edit by Jeremy – We won’t disqualify for people in the distant background (see below)

4. The photo must have a title, and a caption explaining location, if necessary.

All entries must be received by April 30th, to be posted as the wordless weekend on May 3rd, 2008. Multiple entries allowed. E-mail your photo(s) to allthatsgoodblog (@) gmail (dot) com.

Entries will be judged for quality of photography, artistic content, originality, as well as the cleverness of your title! Remember, we are looking for examples of good photography – only the best here at All That’s Good!

The judges will, of course, be your’s truly, my husband Jeremy, and Anja and Olivia.

So, grab your camera, get out there and take some pictures! Go ahead – show us how talented our readers are! Blow our socks off!!! :)

And the Winner is…

Sarah H. – come on down!!

I know our readers are well read, so I am giving you choice in your prize! :)

We have

1. No Promise In the Wind by Irene Hunt

we all love this author, here is yet another great book by her!

2. A Gathering of Days

a Newbery Medal Winner, this is one of my all time favorites.

Just let me know which one you would like to add to your personal library and we’ll send it right out to you!

Thanks for everyone’s participation – this has been so much fun!

Book Month Update

Well, there are three more days to get your name in for the drawing! Have you done it yet? We have had great response and have well over 50 titles to begin sharing with you come Monday! So many new authors and titles, yet they all come with high recommendation from our faithful readers! This has been so much fun – thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Olivia will be giving you one more review today, then we’ll take off for the weekend. We are going to a wedding on Saturday, and gearing up to celebrate our anniversary on the 8th! :)

October Theme

We love comments – but not just so we can prove record numbers of blog readers! We enjoy the feedback, getting to know our readers, and keeping this conversation from being too one-sided. Our dialog with our readers goes along with the goal for this blog – that is, for it to be a productive, encouraging destination where we share and receive ideas, inspiration, and laughter.

In keeping with that goal, Olivia and I have chosen a theme for the blog for the month of October – Book Month! And you’re going to help us. Leave a comment on this post listing three of your favorite books, preferably ones we may not have heard of or read yet (good luck!:)). (We are looking for titles to add to our ‘Want to Read” list, and ones to add to yours, so, though we ALL love “Little Woman”, please refrain from listing the obvious.) We will review and compile the book list and prepare to share an awesome list of recommended books throughout the month of October!

And that’s not all. Finally we are going to make good on our promise of the blog’s first official give away. Each and every person who comments on this post with their three recommended books will have their name dropped into the proverbial hat. The Deadline for the Contest is next Monday, the 8th. Then, on the 15th of this month, we will have our drawing and that person will receive …*Trumpet Fanfare* a BOOK! (imagine that!) – one of our favorites, and one you (hopefully) haven’t read. JUST MAKE SURE WHEN YOU COMMENT THAT YOU USE YOUR BLOGGER IDENTITY OR LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU’RE THE WINNER!!! Comment moderation has been enabled for this week so we can protect your privacy and keep the list of books under wraps until the 15th.

We are so excited about Book month, and have been gearing up by reading books to recommend and writing reviews that will knock your socks off. Our first review will be published tomorrow by Olivia, and we hope to have one each weekday for the rest of the month.
So, on your marks, get set – GO! Join with us and share some of YOUR favorites!

a few blips of creativity…

a graduation card- recipient’s colors were orange and blue…
flip side…

“hi you” card…

graduations and dear friends have inspired me to get in the studio for a few moments this last week – here are a few cards to (hopefully) inspire. I really liked the handprint – I want to use this idea for some album pages. I can see the tracing the shape of the hand-signs like “I love you”, “1#” or a pointing finger, and using them to support the page title. Cool. Why don’t you try it, and share with us??? It’s official – our first challenge post. Make a handprint card, photograph it and post it on your blog or a photo sharing website and leave us the link in a comment! C’mon – you can do it! I know we have some card makers out there…Rachel? Alice? :)