Real {Fast} Food: In The Press!

Two posts in one day. I know. What’s the world coming to? But I just have to share these links with you -

Last week our local Christian Radio Station, Family Life, interviewed me about the ePublishing Revolution and my eBook, Real {Fast} Food. It will air in two parts on the Noon Report today and Wednesday! But it’s also available as a podcast on their website so you can listen whenever it’s convenient for you.

It was very exciting for me to share with people about the awesome opportunity that ePublishing offers to aspiring authors, as well as explaining the gist of my book and the benefits my family has seen from transitioning to a whole foods diet. (If you’re an aspiring author, check out my post of resources)

Listen to the 9 min. podcast here, and kudos to Sarah Harnisch, Newswoman Extraordinaire (and homeschooling mom of 5!!!) who interviewed me and edited the clips so I didn’t sound like the bundle of nerves I was. She pretty much rocks.

Also, my book is being featured on the Allume Blog today. Head over there to hear how Real {Fast} Food is ” like a friend coming alongside you in your own kitchen to help you feed your family well“.

The Real {Fast} Food Book Tour is in full swing! If you would like to join the party by reviewing the book on your blog, just email me! trina @

Other bloggers who have reviewed the book this month include, Gretchen at Little Pink House, Jessica at Life in the White House, Chantel at Life, Laughter, and the Little Things, Natasha at To Live For Him, Jessica at Something Simple, Laurie at Homemaker’s Challenge, Charla at Cheaper and Fresher, Hayley at Tiny Twig,  and Mandy at Daily Cup of Grace. You’re next!



Welcome to Trust

Five Minute Friday: Trust

I came home from Relevant with many goals. New friendships to pursue, stories to tell, and a blog to redesign. But my main goal, inspired by every conversation and speaker, but especially Ann‘s session, was to become an upside-down, spirit-led blogger.

It took several months of processing and prayer and sweat and tears, but in the new year I finally felt like I was getting the hang of it. I felt like I’d found my voice, my footing…but some days it feels like a very, very small piece of property. 

I feel myself lean too far one way {pride} or the other {fear} and I’m lost again.

I want each and every post I put up on this blog to be led by the Lord and bring encouragement and cultivate community with my readers. But it’s so easy for me to get sucked in to passionate pursuit of my own goals, and miss His leading. It’s made me very cautious about what I write and hit ‘publish’ on.

But that’s another form of fear. I want to let go and trust that He will be faithful to inspire and equip and direct my words.  I want to enjoy this journey, not spend it cowering behind the publish button, worrying that I didn’t get it right {again}, doubting I can hear His guiding voice. So, I vow to trust, to embrace who He made me {a writer} and dance in this new space.


I broke all the rules for Five Min. Fridays today (I edited and went over time – gasp!), but the prompt helped me get to the root of what I wanted to express as I welcome you to my new space.

The address is the same and hopefully you don’t have too much trouble coming in and feeling right at home. We’re celebrating some great improvements just for my readers…

  • Comment threading – this means we can actually dialogue back and forth in the comments – yippee!
  • Better organization and access to archives – this is still in process, but feel free to explore the links (and let me know where you see room for improvement)

Thanks to my tireless and always cheerful webmistress, Gretchen, and my patient husband who have both put in hours helping this non-techy gal get all set up in WordPress. Love you guys!

I pray you and I can connect and grow here – to learn to breathe, to celebrate everyday beauty, to listen for His voice, and to trust.

So come on in and make yourselves at home! Oh, and don’t miss signing up for my newsletter, right there in the sidebar It’s  something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – it will be different content than the blog and monthly-ish. It’s gonna be fun!


Seen and Overheard

I was all over the internet last week – several guest posts I’d written and some other stuff all got posted at the same time. I noticed post getting published barely in time to share them on facebook, so I decided to recap with my blog readers here, in case you missed them.

Read about how I overcame my first bout of Homeschool Jitters over at The Better Mom. Yes, it has something to do with elephants…

Enjoy a very personal review of my book from a gal who knew me when we lived in a tipi…

Find out what all these notebooks are in my post for the month on Passionate Homemaking. Lindsay’s theme for the month is ‘Building the Family’ – some great, practical inspiration going on over there this month!

See you around!

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Moving Day

Well, remember that sweet purse coupon deal I told you about two weeks ago? And then I came back to tell you it was not so sweet, that I had misunderstood the promotion?

Well. I am here to say, there is still good customer service in this world.

Apparently, I was not the only one disappointed at the coupon turning out to be too-good-too-be-true. must have gotten a lot of negative feedback. And you know what they did with it? They turned around and made it right. I received this email not two days later…

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Launching a new website is always a fun and challenging time, and there are always a few hiccups along the way.
We appreciate you taking the time to provide us feedback, which helps us improve upon our customer experience. We apologize for the confusion regarding our Invite a Friend promotion, and understand your frustration.
We have resolved this issue for any affected customers, and have included a new coupon code(s) that will correctly apply the discount of $25 off a purchase of $25.01. As a way of apology, the original code you’d received will still remain valid, and we hope that you will use it for a future purchase with us.
Thank you for being a loyal customer and participating in the launch of our exciting new website.
The Team

 Can you imagine how excited I was! I could afford to use my coupon now! So, off I went, and ordered my much needed, much coveted new, purple, Fossil wallet after all. Oh, and a pair of $26 earrings which I got for just $1 with another one of my coupons.

I waited to update you till my purchases actually arrived in the mail. They came yesterday – it was like Christmas! I LOVE my new earrings, and the wallet is scrumptious.

But then, before I posted about this great deal again, I called the company and got the full scoop. They are no longer offering the same coupon ($25 of a $25.01 or more purchase) but you can still get $25 off if you spend $50 or more. So, it’s not the same awesome deal it was, but if you’ve got some burn money and want a new purse, wallet or accessorize (they have hats and jewelry, too!), then is the place to go!

So, you see how much I love you all? I did all that homework so I could make sure that what I share with you on the blog is all good.

 Sign up at today and then share the site with your friends. For every three people that sign up under you, you get a $25 coupon, valid for use on any purchase over $50.  Hurry – the promotion ends October 31st!

Now I’m off to go move my cards and change and tiny scraps of important paper over from my lousy, falling-apart, too-small wallet to my shiny-brand-new one…thus the title of this post. ;)

Giveaway Winners!!!

The winners of the Relaunch Giveaway (according to are…

Grand Prize: Jyl McLean!

Second Prize: Kateri and Gail!

Third Prize: Debbie, Rachel, and Stephanie!

Yeah, if anyone was keeping track, everyone who entered won something! That’s the advantage of the small, close-knit community here on All That Is Good. :) Thank you ladies for spreading the word! Please email me so I can send you your loot!

Real {Fast} Food: Re-Launch and Prizes, Prizes!!!

So, by now you all know how excited I am about getting my book, Real {Fast} Food updated and formatted for Kindle. It’s been really awesome hearing from many of you who’ve reviewed the book on Amazon how the book has helped you:

  • add more real food into your busy schedules, 
  • feel less overwhelmed transitioning to whole foods, and 
  • try new recipes and find you love them!

I have a passion to share the book with even more people than my little corner of the internet, so I thought up a great way to get the word out.

  1. I tell you…
  2. You tell your friends…
  3. I give out a bunch of prizes!

Sound like fun? OK – Here’s the details:

You can help me spread the word about my book to your friends and followers through whatever social network or style you choose. You leave me a comment for each way you’ve spread the word, and you can be entered multiple times for a drawing with lots of fun prizes I’ve put together!

Grand Prize – one winner!
      • This lovely apron I made just for you! It’s reversible, 100% cotton, made from coordinating vintage sheets. Adjustable neck and waist ties make it one-size fits all!
  • One hour Skype or phone consultation with me – let me get to know you and brainstorm ways to help you feed your family better in less time!
  • “Tell Your Time” by Amy Andrews – the book that forever reduced my stress and frustration over managing my time and set me free to pursue my passions (such as writing a book!)
  • A copy of the updated Real {Fast} Food for you or – if you already own it — to share with a friend.

Second Prizetwo winners!!

Third PrizeFive winners!!!

  • A copy of Real {Fast} Food for you or a friend
  • Bragging rights that you finally won an online contest. :)

So now you want to know, “How do I enter this awesome contest!?” Oh, let me count the ways:

  1. “Like” and Share the Real {Fast} Food facebook page
  2. Share this link: Real {Fast} Food on your blog, facebook, twitter or wherever you are
  3. Share Real {Fast} Food the Movie with your friends on YouTube, facebook, twitter or wherever you are
  4. Blog, facebook or tweet, or email friends about this giveaway

Leave a separate comment for each way you’ve helped me spread the word, and I’ll enter your name for each comment!

Contest runs through midnight, Sunday, October 16th. Winners will be announced on the blog Monday, October 17th. Winners will then be asked to contact me with their email address so I can send them their loot!

I just want to say thank you to all of my readers and friends who have supported me in my life-long dream of authoring a book. You guys are awesome, and this giveaway was a way I could express my gratitude!



I get a kick out of the questions people frequently ask me, through the blog or in person. Here’s the top 10 I hear most frequently. Add your question in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it!

  1. How many children do you want? Short answer: Lots. Long answer: We will welcome as many as children as the Lord gives us, through birth or adoption. We do believe in spacing our children for my health and optimal nutrition for each baby.
  2. Why did you move to the homestead? The answer is long and complicated. When I figure it out I’ll let you know. (Post in progress!)
  3. Why did you live in a tipi? See above.
  4. Do you cloth diaper? No, but I hope to someday. I do make my own wipers, though!
  5. Do you eat all organic? Nope. We do what we can with our budget and resources. I’d say about 60% of what we eat is local, 30% organic. 
  6. Are you serious? People ask me that when I mention I lived in a tipi, homebirth, and self-published a book. (the answer is “Yes!”)
  7. What does your husband do? Short answer: Lots. Long answer: He works in the family business. He teaches people with disabilities how to ski. He calls and teaches square dancing. And he helps people save money on their electric bill (Contact him for more info: jeremy.e.holden(at)gmail(dot)com)
  8. Really? That’s the question I get when people learn I offer an open invitation to my blog readers to come and visit us here in the Fingerlakes Region of NY. I have a growing list of delightful new friends who have done just that. Check out my guest room, reserved for YOU!
  9. Are you’re children always this good? Now it sounds like I’m bragging, but I do get this question a lot! I blame the genes they get from their even-tempered father, and a nourishing diet low in sugar.
  10. Can you tell us more about the Family Bus? Yes – enjoy this video tour of our Bus converted to an RV that sleeps 10+!

Got a question? Ask away!

Short and Random


  • Homeschooled all the way
  • second eldest of 7 kids
  • grew up in Fl., N.C., and N.Y.
  • Lived in a tipi
  • Then a log cabin
  • Learned to grow a {huge} garden, exercise hospitality, and eviscerate a chicken {in 6 seconds} while living on a homestead
  • Married my {awesome} pastor’s {awesome} son in 2005.



  • Write and publish the story of my family’s 9 year sojourn on the homestead
  • Mother many, many children
  • Offer massive hospitality that refreshes and encourages many
  • Learn the art of massage therapy
  • Be {madly} in love with my husband in our 90′s

Let’s Celebrate This Heatwave!

It’s hot, people – let’s do something to distract ourselves, shall we? This post will be an attempt to update you on all the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes with the release of my book. You, my readers, deserve to know! And I have something special for you at the end of the post that should provide lovely distraction. :)

1. Coming to Kindle and Nook! Jeremy’s working hard right now on formatting the book so those of you who have these handy gadgets can read the book in your preferred format! We’re shooting to have that available the beginning of August.

2. Official Launch Coming Soon! You know how a new store opens and then, a few weeks later actually has its ‘official opening?’ Well, my book release has been like that. I released it to you, my readers, in June, but that was sorta practice for launching it out beyond my own sphere of influence.
I just read the new book “How to Market and Sell Your eBook” by Sarah Mae.  A lot of the ideas center around making it easy for you, my readers, to help me spread the word. It’s literally impossible for this book to be a success without you! So, I’m putting it on sale, just for you! Oh, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

3. Community is Here! Another thing I learned from Sarah Mae is how important it is to create community around your book. I’ve been trying to do this, but now I’ve had some very clear direction. Here’s what’s new…

  • Real {Fast} Food is on Facebook! I’ve created a facebook page for the book. You can ‘like’ it to keep updated on sales, news, and bonus material!
  • Real Fast Cooks is a facebook group you can join – we’re already discussing recipes, questions, ideas, and encouraging each other toward feeding our families well and still having time to enjoy some summer fun!

4. Sales and Free Stuff! And this is just because I love you all…

  • As of this post, the book is 1/2 OFF – just $4 – through the end of July!!! Use coupon code “HALFOFF” to get your copy of the book!
  • But wait, if you’re really fast, you could get your book for free – The first 8 people to ‘like’ Real {Fast} Food Facebook page  will win a FREE COPY of the book. Ready, set, GO! (If you already own the book, I’ll give you a free copy to forward to a friend!)

(I think the best part of making something yourself is getting to put it on sale and give it away. I’m so glad I get to do this for you all)

How’s that for some fun to distract you from the heatwave?

And just in case any of you are as intimidated as I was the first time I bought an ebook, here’s step-by-step instructions….

1. Click here - it will take you straight to the online host that sells my book.
2. Fill in your zip code (so they can calculate sales tax)
3. Enter discount code ‘HALFOFF’
4. Click ‘Update cart’
5. Choose your payment method (Credit, Debit, or PayPal) and complete transaction
6. Fill in your name and email address and choose if you want receive updates from me on the book (I don’t spam – I’ve yet to email my customers :))
7. Click, “proceed with checkout’.
8. Next screen gives you the link to download. When you click on it, a window should pop up on your screen asking you what you want to do with this file. Choose ‘save file’ and hit ‘ok’ or ‘continue’.
8. The file will now be on your computer, and the easiest way for you to find it is to look under ‘recent downloads’. Once you find it, you may want to save it elsewhere, like on your desktop or under documents.

Get your book now so you can read it and be ready to help me tell the world about it next month!

This post contains affiliate links.

How to Buy and Sell an E-book

When I bought my first ebook last fall, it was a huge step for me. I’d never bought a digital download before.  I’m afraid of the unfamiliar. It wasn’t hard – I did it all by myself. But then I had to have my husband show me how to find and view the file when he got home from work. (Yes, I am that computer illiterate – it’s my husband and good friend, Christine, who make me look like what I know what I’m doing on this blog!)

I almost chickened out on buying the book.
It came highly recommended from a blogger I trust. The sales page and reviews I read were all very positive. I just didn’t like not being able to flip through the book to see if it was something I’d actually use and enjoy. The thing that finally convinced me to take the chance was the opportunity to get it for free. The author had a 50/50 affiliate program – meaning if I liked it, recommended it to my readers, and sold just 2 copies, I’d make my money back.

So, I took my personal plunge into the digital consumerism, and bought my first ebook, Tell Your Time.

Boy, was I surprised. Not only was the content high quality and life-changingly beneficial, I found I loved ebooks! I liked…

  • low cost compared to printed books.
  • freedom to  print only the sections I especially liked
  • relevance of the information – digital self-publishing allows the author to put forth up-to-the minute content, research and resources without the months-long delay between writing and publishing in the traditional way.
  • accessibility of the author

When I enjoy a book, I often wish I could thank the author personally. After I read Tell Your Time, I really wanted to tell Amy how much I loved it – so I just sent her off an email (which she quoted on her sales page!) It was so much fun to be able to actually interact with the author. And as I went through the steps to become an affiliate, she was right there, with prompt, helpful emails.

The $9 I spent was well worth it for the simplicity her book brought to my holiday schedule and for the principles I’ve been using every day since. And did I mention, I got my copy for free? Oh, yes – I’ve sold well over 2 copies of the book through my affiliate links, actually allowing me to make some money on my blog just by sharing “all that is good” in my life with you.

You see, we make recommendations every day (movies, restaurants, recipes). An affiliate program enables you to get paid when you spread the word about something you love. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce the affiliate program for my book, Real{Fast}Food! Starting today, you can sign up to become an affiliate, meaning, if someone buys the book on your recommendation, you get a percentage of the sales! I took Amy’s example of a 50% payout because I wanted to thank you and make it worth your time to help promote my book. You don’t even have to have a blog – you can use the link on Facebook or Twitter, or even in an email.

All you have to do is:

  1. Buy a copy of Real{Fast}Food for just $6.
  2. Read the book for yourself and make note of what you especially like.
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program (step-by-step instructions here).
  4. Tell your friends and readers about the book, using the link Ejunkie provides for you.
  5. Check out the cool banners and graphics my husband made to help you advertise!

It’s that simple.  Thanks for helping me spread the word!

Real{Fast}Food – the Affiliate Program