Giveaway Winners!!!

The winners of the Relaunch Giveaway (according to are… Grand Prize: Jyl McLean! Second Prize: Kateri and Gail! Third Prize: Debbie, Rachel, and Stephanie! Yeah, if anyone was keeping track, everyone who entered won something! That’s the advantage of the small, close-knit community here on All That Is Good. Thank you ladies for spreading – [Continue Reading…]

Real {Fast} Food: Re-Launch and Prizes, Prizes!!!


So, by now you all know how excited I am about getting my book, Real {Fast} Food updated and formatted for Kindle. It’s been really awesome hearing from many of you who’ve reviewed the book on Amazon how the book has helped you: add more real food into your busy schedules,  feel less overwhelmed transitioning – [Continue Reading…]


I get a kick out of the questions people frequently ask me, through the blog or in person. Here’s the top 10 I hear most frequently. Add your question in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it! How many children do you want? Short answer: Lots. Long answer: We will welcome as many – [Continue Reading…]