Our weekend and Ten Ugly Men

As usual, we had an adventuresome weekend. Sometimes these things are planned, sometimes they are spontaneous. Actually, most times they are spontaneous. Most times we take the camera. Sometimes we take pictures. No pictures this week, sorry. We planned to go to Rochester to join a sister fellowship for Church on Sunday. They meet in – [Continue Reading…]

Saturday’s Adventure


Behold –Chimney Bluffs We drove up to Lake Ontario, bicycled a few miles at one park, then went to see Chimney Bluffs and have ourselves a picnic. Jesse especially enjoyed the grass hors-de-vours. He would crawl to the edge of the blanket and pluck a tasty looking piece, then grin with satisfaction as he got – [Continue Reading…]

Family Bike Rides


We have been enjoying almost daily bike rides this month. We eat dinner, and one or the other of us hints at his or her desire for an after dinner bike ride. The other readily agrees, we announce it to Jesse (so he can begin looking forward to it), and we make our preparations. I – [Continue Reading…]

My Bike Came!

Thanks to my husband’s wise financial decisions and diligent budgeting, and our living within our means, our tax refund didn’t have to be used for over due bills or pay down a pile of debt. Instead, we got to spend the unexpected windfall on family bikes – whoo-hoo! Mine came yesterday, and Jeremy’s bike and – [Continue Reading…]