In which we enjoy our spring bike rides…with a side of milk

I did a crazy thing the other day.

We were just getting the bikes hooked up for a family bike ride, when I remembered we were out of milk. I looked at the clock–there wouldn’t be time to fetch it before a ride, nor after. We would have to do both simultaneously.

Jeremy gave me that look that he does when he’s trying to figure out why he married such a crazy woman. I argued that I would be the one pulling the extra load so that gave me the final word in the debate. He willingly arranged the three one-gallon glass containers I had handed to him into the back of the bike trailer with a towel stuffed between for padding.

And we were off. Seth is always laughing with delight before we even get to the end of the driveway. We all love family bike rides.

Jesse pedaled along behind Jeremy, full of his usua, 5 year old, trying-to-figure-out-the-whole-world questions. “Which way are we going, Mamma?”



“We’re gonna get milk!”

We’re blessed to have an Amish farm with a Jersey herd just down the road that’s willing to sell us raw milk at milking time. Yeah, it’s a couple of miles, but we usually do 4-6 miles on our after-dinner family bike rides, so I thought it was doable.

We made it to the farm easily (it’s a slight incline most of the way…) and as I filled our jugs from the bulk tank, The Farmer came in from the barn. He glanced out the window.

“Ahh, so that’s why I didn’t here ye pull up! That’s quite a set up ya have there…I like it!”

“Yeah”, I replied, “It makes up for not having a horse and buggy.”

The Farmer laughed. He likes my jokes.

Pulling out of the driveway, I asked Jeremy how much a gallon weighs.

“Eight pounds.”

“Yikes – 24 Lbs! It’s like I added a third child to the load!”

He just smiled. He never has to say “I told you so.”

I will conclude this story with the simple statement--I got a good workout on the way home.

And the next bike ride we went on, we headed up-hill, so the ride home was down-hill all the way…

P.S. I have to say it was incredibly satisfying to go and fetch milk on my own pedal-power. I think I’ll do it again.

Looking for your own supply for raw milk?

Our weekend and Ten Ugly Men

As usual, we had an adventuresome weekend. Sometimes these things are planned, sometimes they are spontaneous. Actually, most times they are spontaneous. Most times we take the camera. Sometimes we take pictures. No pictures this week, sorry. :)

We planned to go to Rochester to join a sister fellowship for Church on Sunday. They meet in their homes but have visited our Church periodically, so we wanted to exchange the privilege. That was the part we managed to plan two days in advance. The rest was the spontaneous part.

Jeremy’s sister, who just moved to Rochester, invited us to spend Sat. night with them. We would be able to see their new place, and our 4 nieces and nephews. So, as soon as Jeremy got off work at 1 Sat. afternoon, we packed up the car, plopped Jesse in his car seat, and off we went. We left early so that we could find a place to go for a bike ride.

We found access to the Erie Canal Trail somewhere around Farmington – we saw the canal from the thruway, and got off the next exit and searched around until we found a boat launch, where we were able to park, unload the bikes, and access the canal trail. It was my favorite ride yet this summer – lovely, smooth path (no hill,s obviously, on a canal trail) and lots of interesting things to see along the way. The canal was lined on the opposite shore with rich people’s houses, gardens, decks, docks, and boats. I always like to stare and dream – Jeremy and I both share the dream of owning a house on the water someday, though we would prefer a lake to a canal. Also, the people we passed on the path were interesting too. Who doesn’t love to people watch? I’m serious that these were some of the funniest looking individuals – Jeremy laughed when I commented that everyone on the canal looked like a walking caricature!

On our way through Rochester, there were signs for the Ten Ugly Men Festival. “What is THAT?!” I asked Jeremy. He didn’t know. Was it some kind of twisted beauty pageant, Jeremy wondered. It sure sounded intriguing, maybe scary.

After that, we joined Bethany, Josh, Jen and the kids for dinner. Then us girls went to a MaryKay party, which was fun, mostly ’cause we made it fun (we made up half the group). I tried green eyeshadow briefly. Very briefly. :) We all came home looking gorgeous, then sat up in the livingroom talking and drinking coffee until 1am. Fun. Exhausting.

Sunday morning we left to join the group meeting in the 19th ward. They are a nice group – all young couples, lots of little babies, Jeremy and I fit right in and enjoyed the fellowship of brothers and sisters in the Lord in the same season of life.

We got home at 8 last night, and fell into our beds exhausted. Before I fell asleep I made a mental note to look up the Ten Ugly Men on the computer in the morning…

Turns out Ten Ugly Men is a group of business men that host a Festival with music, family activities, and competitions to raise money for local charities. Last year they raised over a million dollars! There are pictures of the founders on the sight, here. I didn’t think they were that ugly, but their name probably attracts a lot of extra attention for their cause! I had to laugh at one of the men’s bios – he is quoted as saying,”I am a single ugly man and am looking for that special ugly someone.” Anyone out there wanna make his day? ;)

Saturday’s Adventure

Behold -
Chimney Bluffs

We drove up to Lake Ontario, bicycled a few miles at one park, then went to see Chimney Bluffs and have ourselves a picnic.

Jesse especially enjoyed the grass hors-de-vours. He would crawl to the edge of the blanket and pluck a tasty looking piece, then grin with satisfaction as he got it in his mouth.

…And playing with Daddy’s hat.

Saturday’s Bike Ride

Here we are on a back road, leading to the lake. The views around here feed the soul – I love where we live, and enjoying it on our bikes.

I loved this shady, curving lane…

Almost there!
At our destination – Lodi Point State Park. We got Jesse to smile so good for the camera – Daddy was saying “I’m gonna GET YOU!” and he laughed so hard.

Because it was such a long ride (7 miles) and all down hill, we asked Dad to drive our car down and give us a ride home. Here is my awesome father-in-law with his grandson…

Family Bike Rides

We have been enjoying almost daily bike rides this month. We eat dinner, and one or the other of us hints at his or her desire for an after dinner bike ride. The other readily agrees, we announce it to Jesse (so he can begin looking forward to it), and we make our preparations. I wash up quickly, determined to come home to a clean kitchen, while Jeremy and Jesse get the bikes ready. Jesse sits in his stroller on the patio, singing, watching Daddy hook up his trailer. Meanwhile, I rinse the last dish, dry my hands, and hang up my apron. I throw the diaper bag and a water bottle into the back of the trailer so we will be prepared for anything. A hello to a nieghbor as we bump down the driveway, a quick discussion over which way we should go when we exit the trailer park, and we’re off.
I have loved seeing Ovid from the seat of a bike – slow enough to take in the beauty of people’s yards and gardens, and the architecture of an old house. I love the peacefulness of having a back road I’ve never seen before all to ourselves – It always brings me back to the homestead.
On Sunday we did a little trip on our way up to Jeremy’s parent’s for Bible study in the evening. Monday we put the bikes on the rack and went up to Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva and did 6 miles on the trails there. Tuesday we did a ‘country block’ – 6 miles through such sweet little hills and dales and woods, just outside of Ovid. I thought I was in a different country. We saw deer and rabbits and wild flowers and private little streams. Last night Jen agreed to shuttle for us so we could ride all the way down to Sampson State Park. It was down hill most of the way, so it was nice to have the car for the ride home! 20 miles so far this week!

Jesse enjoying the packaging from his new bike helmet.

Family Bike Ride

We got our camera back – whoo-hoo!!! :) And while we were out in the Syracuse area, we went biking along a section of the old Erie canal. The tow path was smooth and flat, perfect for biking. We saw a family of geese, a snake, four fish, and 3 furry little creatures swimming through the water – two were water rats, and the third we couldn’t identify. I was about the size of a cat, with stripes running down its back, and a furry tail following on behind. I asked Jeremy what kind were the fish moving slowly like shadows in the murky water. After a moment’s thought, he informed me that they were canal fish. :)

My Bike Came!

Thanks to my husband’s wise financial decisions and diligent budgeting, and our living within our means, our tax refund didn’t have to be used for over due bills or pay down a pile of debt. Instead, we got to spend the unexpected windfall on family bikes – whoo-hoo! Mine came yesterday, and Jeremy’s bike and Jesse’s tow-behind trailer will come later next week! State Park bike trails, here we come!!!
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