Real {Fast} Food

Real {Fast} Food
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  • Do you want to eat healthier, but don’t think you have time?
  • Are you passionate about cooking whole foods from scratch but overwhelmed with all the prep work?
  • Are you looking for shortcuts to get you in and out of the kitchen quickly on busy days?

Then the book Real {Fast} Food
is for you!

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It’s a treasure trove of time saving techniques and simply wonderful recipes that are custom fit for you and your schedule. You’ll learn everything from painless freezer stocking and bulk food prep to quick, healthy meals for day trips. I’ll teach you how to think about whole food prep in a whole new way, allowing you to make more real food in less time than you ever imagined, and even giving you the feeling of a “day off” once in a while – all without sacrificing quality.

The book features:

  • Over 60 pages of inspiration and practical how-to for streamlining real food prep
  • 2 dozen helpful photographs
  • Bonus print-outs to get organized
  • Menu planning and bulk shopping how-to
  • More than 50 delicious, whole-food recipes

All recipes are time tested and approved by family and friends. They’re based on broths, soaked grains, good fats, and natural seasonings and sweeteners.

Available as a PDF file for immediate download to your computer, or formatted for your Kindle or Nook, Real {Fast} Food is your ticket to fitting real food into your busy schedule!

Instant download $15.95, Paperback $22.

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Real {Fast} Food is your guide to fitting more real food on your plate without signing your life away!

 What people are saying…

“Trina’s book is empowering: it gives you not only a fabulous collection of ‘normal’ recipes made with real food, but the know-how of planning and preparation, and the ‘why’ of eating this way.”

“Often we think that if we want speed we have to sacrifice quality – Trina shows us that it just isn’t so!”

“Absolutely perfect…This is such a wonderful resource for those of us who want to feed our families well, stay within our budget and have food that actually tastes good! …I can see it becoming my favorite recipe book in the very near future!”
– Rachel (Fashion Gone Thrifty)

“There’s a new ebook out which I wish I had four years ago, ten years ago! It encompasses so much of what I’ve learned to do in the kitchen, as well as some awesome new tips I’m looking forward to incorporating into my routines!”
-Kristen (Snow Joy)

“If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of effort it takes to prepare”real” healthy food, you need Real {Fast} Food. Trina’s brilliant methods make it possible to cook from scratch, soak your flour, shop once a month, and be freed from endless meal-planning. She shows that a little advance planning makes everyday cooking so much easier, and walks you through the process step-by-step. And it’s more than a nice theory: Trina actually cooks this way, with three small children. Highly recommended!”
-Jeannie Castleberry Pederson

“It’s one thing to read Nourishing Traditions and quite another to see how a real cook and housewife prepares all this food! Trina’s personal tips are the most helpful part of the book.”

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