Progress in the Master Bathroom Remodel

My husband is the Craig’s List King. I may have mentioned that he got almost everything for our master bathroom off of Craig’s List, including this double basin granite sink for $100. Yeah, it, it was broke in half, but he told me he could fix it.

I believed him.

He called me upstairs the other night to help him with the epoxy. He spread it in the crack, scooched it together, let it set and then shaved off the extra.

Meanwhile, I took a few more photos of the progress he has made. This is the floor grate that brings deliciously warm air into the bathroom – and that’s the beautiful tile floor he finished last month. I love old antique grates – even better when they’ve been sandblasted and re-painted!

The bedroom is almost done, too. Found this fan on clearance – love the focal point it gives the room .

Tapping the crack level. I realized after uploading these photos that I didn’t take a complete ‘after’ picture of the finished sink! Guess you’ll have to wait till I reveal the completed room! I’ll tell you this, even if you can’t hardly believe it – the crack is now all but invisible – you can only find by feel and see it if the angle of the light is just right. Amazing. Jeremy was right. (But then, he usually is!)


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  1. says

    Just looking at the pictures of the broken sink gives me an anxiety attack. Amazing that he was able to put it back together so that the crack doesn't show.