Answers about oil pulling from a gal who's been doing it for over a year and healed cavaties!

Oil Pulling: Frequently Asked Questions

And when I say frequently, I mean frequently! Ever since I wrote about how we cured my husband's cavity with a combination of nutrition and oil pulling, I've gotten dozens of questions on the subject. In fact, I get new emails every day about this Continue Reading

Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle

Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle

Ya'll. We've been grain free this week (we usually do this for a stretch each January to jump-start our health for the new year--read about why and how we do it here) and I've been getting creative in the kitchen. Sometimes this is a recipe Continue Reading



Two Weddings and a Book Tour

We headed north on Thursday. It’s my first time driving north since making Alabama my home. It’s crazy how attached we get to this world, isn’t it, considering none of it is really home? I’m leaving “home” to go “home” and always the journey tugs and Continue Reading


Bloom {Five Minute Friday}

My garden was two hopeful raised beds with some found dirt piled in and spread around. My hopes of starting a few Zinnia plants were dashed when the cheap packet of seeds I got at Walmart contained nothing but air. Yeah. A few tomato plants, Continue Reading