Our Anniversary Getaway

The photos of our weekend were so gorgeous, with PA’s fall colors just peaking, I had to share a bunch of them, so I put them in a slideshow. Enjoy!



For Those With No Natural Talent for Rest

We have friends who own some acreage with a small house and barn which they use for family retreats and hunting. We got a chance to stay overnight there this week--ostensibly as part of our eldest's birthday celebration, but especially just to get … Read More...

Thriving in Survival Mode

I've been in survival mode lately. Those who know me in person have seen the dark circles under my eyes and they are kind enough to ask me how I'm doing when it's obvious the answer will be dark and depressing. I've been crying in public places and … Read More...

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  1. Olivia Joy says

    "Yeah baby" is right!!!
    I sacrificed my body for that stupid course……..I have 2 really bad scars on my legs…..like GT said "Well, you'll never be "Miss America."

    I hope I will be able to see you-but it isn't looking hopeful, pray harder!!!

  2. Laura says

    Hey Olivia, I read about your near death accident on the lawn mower. I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh… that is so you… hehe… I will never forget you and the "MAN COURSE!" sprained ankle and all! Oh yeah baby!

  3. The Red Lobster says

    Trina, great pictures! Nice to see some fall color, our trees are being stubborn and don't want to change!

  4. sarah AGAIN says

    random Thought- "How will Anja know when it is time to tune her bagpipes?"

    hm. Where did that come from- Does Anja play the bagpipes? ~lol

  5. sarah says

    I so enjoyed looking at the pictures, Trina. They were wonderful!

    And, the slideshow load very quickly on our computer, which was nice. =)