Yes, this blog is actually about you.

Because without you, I’d be back writing in my journals full time (and with 80+ full of my scrawl, I think it’s high time I found another outlet).

You have listened as I’ve processed my life and tried to live my art here on the blog.

You’ve been the audience I’ve always craved, and patiently taught me–it’s not actually about me.

It’s about us, community, and the fellowship we’ve found here.

That’s why I have installed comment threading, a spam blocker so you don’t have to prove to me you’re not a robot, and the option to receive an email when your comment receives an answer. Because the most important aspect of my blog is not how many people ‘like’ me on facebook or follow me on twitter. It’s about the fellowship.

So dive right in to the most recent posts or some blog favorites and join the conversation. I read and treasure each comment and friend who’s joined me here.