…I’m a granddaughter of Dutch immigrants…

…Daughter of modern-day pioneers {think ‘Wilderness Family’ but in a Tipi}..

..And a foreigner in my own skin some days when I remember what life was like before God delivered me from a life-long anxiety disorder. It feels good to be free.

I married a modern day Renaissance man. He’s been an IRL example of Christ’s love to me for going on 9 years of awesomeness.{Love story here}

We called Fingerlakes Region of Upstate NY home for the first 7 years of our marriage, then we embarked on our greatest adventure yet: a cross-country move to NE Alabama. We have a darling double-wide on lot that is half meadow, half woods and we love it.

Together we delve into our shared passions for:

  • Hospitality–As Candle in the Window Members, our guest room is always ready. We’d love to meet you!
  • Skiing–Jeremy’s been an adaptive ski instructor for 16 years. I’m a professional lodger.
  • Homeschooling–we are second generation homeschoolers.
  • Real Food–I cook it. He eats it. Find all his favorite recipes here.

Then there’s the kids–of course! Jesse (7), Claire(5), and Seth(3), and Lydia (born in October, 2013)


All born at home, raised on raw milk and as much dirt as our backyard can provide.

I’m a writer and encourager with a passion for community–which is why I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I love to share whatever I’m passionate about at the moment–whether it’s a yummy, real food recipe, or a fashion tip especially for busy mammas. My latest book is Embracing Beauty: Practical Style for Every Shape and Season of Motherhood…you can find out more here.

See you in the comments!