Matching Boots & an Orange Experiment


 Claire and I have matching boots.

This delights us. Her and me. Matching. Oh, yes.

We are also both wearing orange. I point this out to her, and that’s how she smiles when she realizes she matches mommy.

This wearing orange…it’s a new thing for me…

I used to be afraid of orange. Or hate it. Or something. I never, ever wore it. I thought it wasn’t my color. But part of my personal style revolution has been understanding how I really feel about colors. I’d never paint my kitchen orange…

…But when I saw this spunky, orange-striped cardigan at the thrift store, I couldn’t resist seeing if orange felt good on me.

Here’s the style board (from my pinterest fashion board) that inspired this outfit:


Sweater: thrift store $3
Dress: thrift store $4
Belt: thrift store $0.25
Scarf: VanHussen, $10
Necklace: Dayspring
Leggings: thrift store $2
Boots: Born



So, what was the result of the Orange Experiment?

I found I absolutely LOVE wearing orange. This photo says it all.

Trina’s fashion tip for the day: Use the cheap deals you can find at the thrift store to experience with colors and styles that you *think* are outside your comfort zone. You may be delightfully surprised.

Have you made any fashion discoveries this fall? What’s new in your wardrobe that you’re absolutely lovin’?Do you wear orange?







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  1. says

    Great outfit! You are inspiring me to greater wardrobe creativity! But I absolutely cannot do orange :/- it makes me look washed out. You, friend, however, look great in it! Love Claire,so so cute.

  2. says

    I LOVE the price list with the inspiration pictures! I “need” a shopping trip here soon, it has been much too long, and I will take a camera shot of that and try to match it. I love it! Thank you for giving me a challenge or I would have spent too much and not had a plan.

  3. says

    I love how I look in purple, but I don’t really care for the color. Orange is another color that I love…however, I would paint a room that shade (if it were more terra cotta).

    You look wonderful and Claire is adorable!

  4. says

    I am in LOVE with dark tights! I worked in Manhattan at an ad agency and black tights were THE thing…so glad they are back again. Not that i am a fashionista these days…I need to follow your good example and oh, I don’t know CARE about what I look like a bit more :0).
    Rockin’ the orange and is there ANYTHING better than a great pair of loved boots???

  5. says

    Orange is just FUN. It’s my son’s FAVORITE color since he knew there were colors. I feel cheerful when I wear orange. It’s bright and warm and it lifts my spirits. You look cute, girl!

  6. says

    My kitchen used to be painted orange, now it’s painted red (as is the dining room). I love warm colors, wear them, almost, exclusively. “Back in the day” it was popular to get one’s colors “done”; mine are autumnal or jewel colors. Almost everything I wear is deep, rich and vibrant with color…no pastels for me!
    The outfit looks really good on you…beautiful scarf that makes the look complete. Someone told me when they think of me, they think hats and scarves..I hope they only forgot to include Jesus -smile-.

  7. says

    I just bought some brown boots for my 2 girls and now all three of us have matching boots! It’s amazing how much they look up to us for style choices – I’m sure even more so when they get older.
    As for fashion discoveries…I still can’t figure out how to translate my style to maternity clothes. I end up resorting to jeans and hoodies every time.
    Any ideas about how you’ll deal with maternity clothes when you are pregnant again?

    • Trina says

      OH, yes, Sara! I have grand plans, so very determined not to go through another pregnancy feeling frumpy all the time! Here’s my plan:
      a few good jeans and t-shirts that fit nicely + all the accessories and layers in my wardrobe that are not size-specific. As in, the necklace, scarf, belt, cardigan and boots from the above photos–they will all layer well over a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.
      I think taking the time to add a few interest layers over what you feel comfy in is the real secret. I think you can do it, Sara, and I’m rootin’ for ya!

      • says

        I second that, being right in that stage 😀 And dresses with leggings and boots and scarves ALWAYS make pregnant mommas feel on top of the world 😀

  8. says

    Red is my bold color, though I have painted a bedroom that shade before as well. It didn’t last long. The shirts are lasting a bit longer. Love your outfit!

    • Trina says

      thank you, dear. yes, I wear red occasionally now, too, since I realized I feel different about colors when they’re on me than when they’re on the wall. 😉

  9. Jeannie says

    I’ve discovered I love purple and look really good in it. =) My mom doesn’t like purple so I literally never wore it growing up, and almost felt guilty the first couple of times I tried it. I’m so over that now! LOVE it! Isn’t it fun to discover a new color? (Orange is a fall favorite for me, too… along with teal and now purple.)

  10. says

    Love the orange on you!! Orange is one of my favorite colors (and I do, indeed, have a wall in my kitchen that is painted orange on the bottom ;), so I’m thrilled when others experiment with it. The whole outfit is darling! :)