Meet the Ladder Bloggers Mastermind Group

How can I follow the Ladder Bloggers?


What is a Mastermind Group?

It is a smaller, intimate group of bloggers who bring their talents and passions together to support and encourage each other toward their various online goals. A mastermind group is essential to anyone endeavoring to take their blog to the next level, whether that be to share their passion with a wider audience, learn to make money off their blog, become a better writer, or all of the above.

Who are the Ladder Bloggers?

Our Group, Ladder Bloggers, was formed on September 22, 2011, with 5 original members. ¬†We use the forum of a private Facebook group to share to ask questions, brainstorm, share what we’re learning, and to support each other through encouragement and promotion of our individual online endeavors.

How can I start a mastermind group?

We love our mastermind group so much, we decided not to keep it a secret any more! We desire to share openly the blessings of intentionally building an intimate community with your closest online friends in hopes that you’d be inspire to start your own.