jumping outside my box

With this page I totally went out of my comfort zone – I doodled – and I love it! After my success I promptly went to Joann’s and bought myself three more pens that could do this (my white gel pen was my only opaque pen – now I have gold, silver, and bronze – whoo-hoo!) I love the little metal picture of a bouquet – perfect accent for the bouquet toss page – thanks Rebecca!



For Those With No Natural Talent for Rest

We have friends who own some acreage with a small house and barn which they use for family retreats and hunting. We got a chance to stay overnight there this week--ostensibly as part of our eldest's birthday celebration, but especially just to get … Read More...

Thriving in Survival Mode

I've been in survival mode lately. Those who know me in person have seen the dark circles under my eyes and they are kind enough to ask me how I'm doing when it's obvious the answer will be dark and depressing. I've been crying in public places and … Read More...

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