Introducing Lydia

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this special announcement…


Lydia Katelijn Holden arrived early Thursday morning, weighing 8 lbs and measuring 20 3/4 inches long. The Lord have us quick, smooth labor at home (birth story in drafts!). She was joyfully welcomed by her sister and big brothers…






We could not be more delighted, and thank God for this precious gift and special season welcoming Lydia!

(Her middle name is Dutch, and is pronounced ka-teh-LEAN.)

Posts in the real food journey series will continue on Monday…not because I’m super mom, but because I wrote and scheduled most of this series weeks ago, (I’m sneaky like that). I’m just giving you a heads up that I might be a little slower in joining you in the comments next week because I’ll be busy snuggling one of my four (four!) children, inhaling newborn perfume, or, you know, catching a nap here or there. 😉

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  1. Stephie N says

    Beautiful! She is just beautiful! Love her name too by the way! Would have never even really thought it myself but reading it, seems to perfectly fit!

  2. Melanie says

    SOOO beautiful! :) Just love little tiny babies! :) I like her name too! Many blessings to your family, and I hope you are able to rest well!