Meet The Ladder Bloggers

Blogging is not a solitary endeavor. The best part of this adventure is often the relationships formed and the community built with other wonderful bloggers. I’m so blessed to be a part of an active, supportive mastermind group, and would love to introduce them to you.

The Ladder Bloggers

Gretchen The geekiest girl I know (she creates websites, and is the magician behind mine) and a faithful mother, wife and friend. Founder and Editor of the group blog, Kindred Grace (formerly YLCF)

Kateri Our friendship goes back to the tipi days – I still can’t believe we’re both bloggers now, and she such a talented photographer! She also has an Etsy shop where you can purchase garlic grown on her farm, and her beautiful grapevine and willow baskets!

Jessica Long-time IRL friend, now encouraging blog sister. Cloth diapers triplets. Yup, I’m impressed.

Katie is passionate about helping others find their identity in Christ. She’s also my discipleship partner.  Fellow contributor at KindredGrace.

Chantel Webmistress, Graphic Artist, Virtual Assistant and sweet friend. Fellow contributor at KindredGrace.

Mandy has a heart for community and is a twitter pro. Her first book, Reforming Social Media: Using Social Media to Glorify God Rather Than Self” is in the editing phase!

Natasha gifted photographer and author of the exquisite book, Pain Redeemed: When our Deepest Sorrows Meet God . Fellow contributor at KindredGrace.

September Wife and mother of 10 and author of Hula Hoop Girl: Finding your center while keeping your momentum. She inspires me to balance and a passion-filled life. She’s a contributor for Allume and ModSquad (Mother’s of Daughters), and is founder and host of the phenomenal Raising Generations Today Conference.

Kristina One of my favorite wordsmiths. Author of the phenomenal “31 Days to Become a Better Writer.

Diane Friend, mentor, and one of the most delightful writing voices you’ve ever ‘heard’.

Kris is author of the book Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement and organizer and host of the Refine Retreat.

Rachel is a well-read SAHM who always inspires my reading list. Mother of two–one who was a micro preemie!

Traci inspiring sister in Christ, does blog designs I drool over.

Amanda inspires me to make time for beauty even in the busy season of motherhood. She even has a darling little online shop.

Shannon is a talented story teller and wise mentor. Her blog, Arranged By God, tells the story of her arranged marriage and how God has redeemed her past for His glory.

Caroline is a gifted writer and is also passionate about adoption–a passion she’s channeled into her new site dedicated to encouraging families growing through adoption, Pineapple Siblings.

Note: We are not currently receiving applications for membership in our group, but we’d love if the story of our mastermind group inspired you to start your own! If you still have questions after reading all the info I’ve posted about mastermind groups, please feel free to contact me!