How Great Thou Art, Part Three

A blessing in disguise on the trip out was that Jesse got sick. Normally he is all boy, climbing around everywhere, hardly to be contained. But as we left Ohio for our all day trek through Indiana and Missouri, he came down with something, and was not himself for the rest of the week. This made it easier to keep up with him on the bus, but it was sad to see him so out of it, and we missed our boy!

He took lots of naps. It was really hot (98 as we went through Missouri) so we didn’t realize it till we got into air conditioning later that evening that he had a fever.

He looks so out of it in this picture – usually he loves a bus ride and is bouncing around even when strapped down! We thought he must be teething.

Come to find out later that week, when the fever broke and a rash appeared all over his body – he had had Roseolla. Phew, a relief! But still no teeth! Here he was watching the cars out the window…

“O.K., Mom – that’s enough pictures!” :)
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  1. sarah says

    Poor Jesse boy…he and I both didn't feel very tip-top on the way out…but we both recovered once we arrived to that fresh mountain air. :)

    I think dad misses him…they were pals.

    I love the picture of Jesse looking out the window- I liked it when I saw it little on the camera and I love seeing it full sized.

  2. misspelled says

    Hmmm, can you all tell I am home schooled?? Thank you Rachel for showing me how favorite is really spelled :).
    Actually as soon as I had published it I knew it was wrong , but then I couldn't figure out how to delete it to fix it :)

  3. Abbey says

    I feel bad that Jesse was sick on the trip! Not fun for him. But I agree with his "favorite aunt liv" that he still looks cute, no matter what!

  4. His favorit Aunt (aka) Liv says

    The poor little guy!!
    He looks so "out of it" in all the pictures. but he still manages to be as cute as ever :).