Goodbye for now

Well, dear, devoted readers (all four of you! LOL) this is goodbye for now. Tomorrow at 8:00am we leave for our nine day vacation in Florida, visiting Jeremy’s grandparents. I don’t expect I’ll blog while I’m gone (it’s my vacation, peoples!:)) so you will see the rest of my album as I complete it in April. (Will I change the name of the blog? We’ll see) I only have about 10 more pages to complete…it’s hard to quit when you’re so close to finishing! But I’m busy packing today, and then it’s off to the sunny south!!! :)


Real Food Burnout

Real Food Burnout Is Real

Have you ever suffered from Real Food Burnout? It’s an actual condition, people! Symptoms include an aversion to the kitchen, phobia regarding shopping or menu planning, and surprisingly strong cravings for junk food. Sufferers often experience … Read More...


For Those With No Natural Talent for Rest

We have friends who own some acreage with a small house and barn which they use for family retreats and hunting. We got a chance to stay overnight there this week--ostensibly as part of our eldest's birthday celebration, but especially just to get … Read More...

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  1. MEAJASO says

    I felt myself clicking the button twice, and I was hoping it wouldn't double my comment…alas it did. Maybe I am making up for lost time.

  2. SaRaH says

    Trina has a blog…and my mother just told me! I could have been keeping up with your scrapping while I was in Texas. Ah well, it is wonderful looking back over all your progress. Each one of your pages are lovely, Trina! :) I can't wait to see them in person when you get home, maybe I will have some done to show you. Have a great trip! =)

  3. Teresa says

    Trina, Your pages are soooo pleasing to the eye. You do a wonderful job!!! I love the cards you made your Mom…Have a great time on your trip (like you need to be told:) We will be praying for safe travels and return.