GAPS Diet for Kids {food your kids will love!}

Of course, the one of the biggest question people have about GAPS is “how will I get my kids to eat it?”

I’m not gonna sugar coat this (that would totally defeat the goal of the diet, wouldn’t it?):  if, due to you or your kid’s needs, you need to do the Intro Diet, then it may be a little tricky in the beginning. Cara of Health, Home, and Happiness has a great post getting kids to eat GAPS. She is so encouraging, and I would just add: remember you are not alone, and you are totally doing a great thing for your kids!

We are not actually doing the Intro diet because we don’t have any allergies or digestive issues to address, but we have had our kids on the less-restrictive Full GAPS (a grain and sugar-free diet) for a week now and no one has starved!

Those following my Real {Fast} Food Facebook page know what we’ve been eating, but I thought I’d throw up a post here for you!


Banana Pancakes


grain-free personal pizzas


Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies (flourless and sugarless like my favorite brownie recipe)

(Side note: these cookies kept us up till midnight because of the delicious amount of cocoa powder in them! From now on, chocolate is a breakfast food for this family! LOL)


Pumpkin Pie Souffle (good for breakfast, snacks, or dessert!)


Butternut Squash Fries and Meatzza


French Toast Souffle (Souffles are pretty much our favorite way to eat eggs)

For snacks we did cheese, fresh and dried fruit, and leftover pancakes or souffle. It’s been a great week of knowing I was nourishing them well and jump-starting their nutrition for the coming year. They have hardly complained at all, although they are looking forward to their first soaked grains tomorrow–Jesse has requested oatmeal! (I’m staying on GAPS for a little while yet, but am adding in a few soaked grains here and there to the kid’s diet.)

If you have questions about the GAPS diet or are wondering where to start, please check out my GAPS resource page!



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    • Trina says

      Noel, you are right–oatmeal isn’t on GAPS! But because we’re don’t have any underlying digestive issues with the kids, I’m slowly introducing some soaked grains for them this week. As to the cocoa powder, I’ve heard that Dr. Natasha says cocoa is ok for healed guts. ;)