Contest Upate from the Boy

Hi, everyone – aunties, uncles, grandparents and the rest of my fans! Mama said that, to make up for my “Citrus on Ice” not making it into the Wordless Weekend contest (see previous post and its comments), she would let me make an announcement. She said for me to tell you this:

When Auntie Lee and Auntie Liv were here the other day, they all viewed the entries for the Wordless Weekend Contest and chose their favorite – without telling each other. Then Daddy chose also, and finally they revealed their choices. And guess what? It was unanimous! (phew – Mama, can you please use smaller words?)

The winning photo will be posted tonight at 8:00pm and will stay at the top of the blog for the whole weekend!

Thanks to everyone for their awesome entries. Mama said to tell you that there were so many good ones, it really was a hard choice, and they hope to publish some runner’s up, as well! So, stay tuned to see the final results tonight!


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