Celebrating Love

Today our friends, Jake and Rachel, will say their vows and become one. We will be there enforce – Jeremy as photographer, and I as florist and coordinator.
I had fun making their card with a very applicable verse! :)
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    I’ll have to get permission from the photographer to post any of his photos :) but I took about 3 on my camera, so I’ll put them up as soon as I get a chance!traci – I don’t have anymore weddings on the calendar this year so maybe I’ll have a chance to catch my breath! :) Hope we have that chance to chat soon…

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    Wonderful job Trina, those flowers were gorgeous! I don’t know when your next big event is but we’ll have to figure out a time to sit down and just chat..

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    *wave* Hi!! :) You did a GREAT job on the flowers!!!! WOW!! And you were definitely great as coordinator as well. :) It was so good to meet you and be able to chat with you. Have a terrific week!!~ Erin