Celebrating Love

Today our friends, Jake and Rachel, will say their vows and become one. We will be there enforce – Jeremy as photographer, and I as florist and coordinator.
I had fun making their card with a very applicable verse! :)
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writing a book

Books I Read While Writing a Book

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Two Weddings and a Book Tour

We headed north on Thursday. It’s my first time driving north since making Alabama my home. It’s crazy how attached we get to this world, isn’t it, considering none of it is really home? I’m leaving “home” to go “home” and always the journey tugs and … Read More...


Bloom {Five Minute Friday}

My garden was two hopeful raised beds with some found dirt piled in and spread around. My hopes of starting a few Zinnia plants were dashed when the cheap packet of seeds I got at Walmart contained nothing but air. Yeah. A few tomato plants, … Read More...

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    I’ll have to get permission from the photographer to post any of his photos :) but I took about 3 on my camera, so I’ll put them up as soon as I get a chance!traci – I don’t have anymore weddings on the calendar this year so maybe I’ll have a chance to catch my breath! :) Hope we have that chance to chat soon…

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    Wonderful job Trina, those flowers were gorgeous! I don’t know when your next big event is but we’ll have to figure out a time to sit down and just chat..

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    *wave* Hi!! :) You did a GREAT job on the flowers!!!! WOW!! And you were definitely great as coordinator as well. :) It was so good to meet you and be able to chat with you. Have a terrific week!!~ Erin