How I Learned to Say “Ya’ll”


It’s time for a little Ebenezer raisin’ here, folks. My soul’s been buckled down, in gear, doing its thing, focused on survival. But the other day I realized it’s been a while since we went dancing. And we have a lot of things to dance about. So pardon me as I recount, for my soul’s […]

Adventure is out there!


So, this happened this week….the sale went thorough on a darling little double wide we picked out this summer… In Alabama. That’s right, peoples. We’re heading south again and this time it’s gonna be a little more permanent. I say “a little more” because if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ve […]

We survived ski season!


I must shout it from the top of some place very high: “I survived ski season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I don’t usually blog about my husband’s absences till after he’s home (that’s wise, dontcha think?) but now that ski season is officially over for us, I can tell you what the last 8 weekends have been like for […]

Another Allume Miracle {Or, Two Angles and a Special Book}


Meet my Allume Angel. Her name is Aurie, and two hours before this photo was taken, we were complete strangers. Now we are not. Here’s what happened…I was just sitting down to dinner Friday night when I got a phonecall from my husband. He told me that my package–THE package that presented 1 1/2 years […]

Bus Life in Alabama

Not only did I clean the bus, but I plucked my eyebrows, too. It was the perfect time to do a vlog… Bus life is life simplified. As you can see, there’s not much room for stuff in the bus. The menu is simplified by the limits of a small fridge and the burns-nearly-everything oven. […]

Enter Wig, Stage Left {and discard that mask}

Allume Conference Smilebooth 0104-XL

The first night at Allume, I roomed with my mentor and friend, September, and her fun and funky daughter, Sarah. (Have you noticed I have an appreciation for funkyness? It’s like the highest compliment I give people. “You’re funky. I like you!”) Sarah brought a friend, as well. Her 3 foot wide afro wig. I […]

In Which I Crash a Newbie Party {and feel right at home}

Allume traveling buddies

The swag packing party continued but it was now nearing dinner time. It had been a long time since this crew had stopped at Taco Bell on the drive down… {September and her daughter Sarah, Diane and her daughter Milan–and me!} I had the feeling if I didn’t get something substantial to eat soon, my […]

Of Pitchers and Torches and Swag

Allume Conference Smilebooth 0071-M

At last. Packing was done. Friends had arrived, connections had been made, and a van of 5 woman were headed down the highway to the Allume conference. I was giddy. The hardest part was over. Well, the second hardest part. I still had my talk to give on Friday, but the packing and getting on […]