Two Weddings and a Book Tour


We headed north on Thursday. It’s my first time driving north since making Alabama my home. It’s crazy how attached we get to this world, isn’t it, considering none of it is really home? I’m leaving “home” to go “home” and always the journey tugs and prods at my heart like a good chiropractic adjustment. […]

Raising Generations Today {The Conference}

As much as I adore my new locale, there’s just one thing that had me asking myself “Why!? Why did I leave Upstate NY?!” I also asked myself “Why, the year I move away, does an awesome conference finally come to the area–right to my old backyard?” Of all the conferences I’ve been to, this […]

Confessions from a Retired Fighter (FMF: “Fight”)

(participating in Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday Prompt…on Monday because my internet is extremely temperamental and, hey, this thing ain’t about the rules anyway. It’s about just writing.) I’m a fighter. I prefer words to silence. Work to rest. Action over stillness. But in the past year I’ve begun to realize that’s not what the […]

A Tour of Our New Home In Alabama


Y’all have been so patient. I checked out of the blog nearly three weeks ago promising I’d be back when we were settled in. I’ve decided “settled” is a relative term (similar to “cool” or “warm” in relation to weather. More on that later.) I’ve slept in 7 different locations in four different states in […]

Home Sweet Home Alabama


6 adults. 4 children. 4 vehicles. 3 trailers. 28 tires. 961 miles. And not a single blown tire, detour, or delay. It was our smoothest trip yet (and we’ve made plenty!). We feel kinda like the Israelites whose sandals didn’t wear out in the wilderness. We thank you for your prayers and support of our […]

A Poem about Stuff


Yup, I’m gettin’ real deep here, ya’ll. And oh, so clever with my post titles, no? The fact is, I’ve been going on minimal sleep now for a month (though Lydia is a good sleeper, really she is, there’s only so much shut eye to be had in a house of 4 children!) and every […]

Introducing Lydia


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this special announcement… Lydia Katelijn Holden arrived early Thursday morning, weighing 8 lbs and measuring 20 3/4 inches long. The Lord have us quick, smooth labor at home (birth story in drafts!). She was joyfully welcomed by her sister and big brothers… We could not be more delighted, […]

Having Fun with Our New Kindergarten Curriculum


When I opened up the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle last week, I thought I was getting just ebooks. But when I found entire kindergarten curriculums included in the package, I pretty much started dancing. We do school year ’round (which works with our kinda crazy traveling schedule) and I had just been looking around for what […]

Our Weekend: Unauthentic Seder Dinner and All


Ya’ll, I present to you the most laid back, inauthentic Seder dinner in the 3454 year history of Passover celebrations. Ritz crackers for Matzo. Steak bone for Lamb shank. Celery for Parsley. Kimchi for Horseradish sauce. But you know what? It worked. The purpose of celebrating this Jewish feast is to remind ourselves and our children […]