Anyways, what IS the best feeling in the world?

the best feeling in the world?

His almost-6-year-old questions can be so random. And deep. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I’m left breathless and with no answers. Sometimes his questions lead me to answers I’d forgotten… “Mom? Is dirt in the same f’lamily as sand?” “Mom? Why do we call it ‘sewage’? “Anyways, what IS the best feeling in the world?” This […]

Little Listening Ears


One day my boy came downstairs and announced, “Mom! God talked to me!” I was terribly excited. “Really! What did He say?” “He just said ‘Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!’ over and over.” I could tell he was a bit confused, if not discouraged. I sent up a flaire-prayer for wisdom and received sudden inspiration. I stepped […]

A Dinosaur and “Pat”


Today he read his first solo word, “Pat”. With a single glance, he belted it out. A channel has opened and the water will never run the old route again. I wanted him to remember this moment as I fondly remember the day I read my first word, so I squealed and cheered until my […]