3 Great Ebooks for Writers and Bloggers


I love writing because it led me to blogging. I love blogging because it’s helped me grow as a writer (and because I met all of you, of course!) Whether you are a blogger who now calls yourself a writer, or a writer who’s taken up blogging, it’s important that you continue to hone your […]

Embracing Beauty Book Tour, Weekend Roundup

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We had another wonderful week hearing how the book was impacting women of all ages and seasons of life, bringing renewed vision and inspiration for embracing beauty! It’s truly been a privileged to be a part of whispering God’s message to women: “You are beautiful because I made you, and I want you to experience […]

The Rest of a Good Story

May I remind you that we need rest? Our bodies need it–that’s why we sleep every night (hopefully). Our minds need rest, as well. If you’re like me, your mind needs help going into ‘rest mode’. I use fiction to encourage my mind to rest. We have to remember that most of the internet is non-fiction. No […]

We Are: A Caregiver’s Manifesto


Today’s featured ebook is very special to me. Here’s why… Last summer I wrote a series on this here blog about self-publishing your own ebook. In my post “Do you have an eBook in you? {Psst! I think so!}” I encouraged you all that your book idea was worth pursuing. I challenged you to share […]

Are You a Blog at Home Mom?


“The Blog at Home Mom” could not have come into my life at a better time. The fight for balance between my real life and online responsibilities ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel like I’ve finally found my sweet spot, only to struggle yet again with wondering if I’m even doing the right thing. I […]

In Which I Learn the True Meaning of Lent


I’m about to tell you something that will no doubt confirm the sneaking suspicion in your mind that I am a complete ditz. “He gives grace to the humble.” OK, here we go… My Confession: I used to think that Ash Wednesday was the anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helen and when I […]

Redeeming Childbirth

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It seems as though Tuesdays have become ‘Book days’ my blog! Every week this month, one of my bloggy friends has come out with a new book, and each time it’s been one I’ve been delighted to share with you. Know this: I don’t just post any old book that comes along, but save my […]