10 Things I Discovered in May (Including a natural mosquito repellent!)

Life is like sifting for gold…you spend day after day doing a lot of monotonous stuff, when suddenly a little gem shows up, making the whole day (or even month!) bright and worth it all. When I took my blogging break, I realized the two things I missed most were telling stories and sharing with – [Continue Reading…]

The Rest of a Good Story

May I remind you that we need rest? Our bodies need it–that’s why we sleep every night (hopefully). Our minds need rest, as well. If you’re like me, your mind needs help going into ‘rest mode’. I use fiction to encourage my mind to rest. We have to remember that most of the internet is non-fiction. No – [Continue Reading…]

We Are: A Caregiver’s Manifesto


Today’s featured ebook is very special to me. Here’s why… Last summer I wrote a series on this here blog about self-publishing your own ebook. In my post “Do you have an eBook in you? {Psst! I think so!}” I encouraged you all that your book idea was worth pursuing. I challenged you to share – [Continue Reading…]