Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle


We’ve been grain free this week (we usually do this for a stretch each January to jump-start our health for the new year–read about why and how we do it here) and I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen.

Sometimes this is a recipe for my husband to raise one eyebrow and order Chinese take out.

Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised.

This fluffy yet rich, chocolate souffle is a glorious way to eat your eggs. Gluten and sugar-free, as well!

I posted this picture of our breakfast to Instagram the other day, and people are demanding (demanding!) the recipe for what I dubbed the “Banana Split Souffle”.

This fluffy yet rich, chocolate souffle is a glorious way to eat your eggs. Gluten and sugar-free, as well!

I’m only too glad to oblige.

This fluffy yet rich, chocolate souffle is a glorious way to eat your eggs. Gluten and sugar-free, as well!

Especially if doing so gives me an excuse to enthrall ya’ll with cute pictures of my kids happily eating food I prepare. {I believe in celebrating every occurrence of this phenomenon.}

This fluffy yet rich, chocolate souffle is a glorious way to eat your eggs. Gluten and sugar-free, as well!

Souffles are by far our favorite way to eat eggs–and this one raised the bar. It was pouffy and light and magnificent (as a souffle should be), yet satisfying as a brownie.

It’s a glorious way to eat your eggs.

Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle

1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Put 2 T. butter in the bottom of a deep-dish casserole or a 9×13 dish and place in oven to melt the butter.

3. Meanwhile, separate 8 eggs.

(If you don’t like separating eggs, I just totally scared you away from this recipe. If you do like separating eggs, {as I do} I just made your day. You’re welcome.}

Drip the egg whites straight into the bowl of your stand mixer, or another large mixing bowl. Plop the egg yolks right into your blender. (I’m trying to save you dishes here.)

4. Whip the egg whites till stiff.

5. Add to the egg yolks:

1/3 c. peanut butter
3 T. cocoa powder
2 T. honey
2 ripe bananas
1/4 t. salt

Blend this mixture till smooth.

6. Gently fold egg yolk mixture into egg whites.

Folding means slowly incorporating so that you are not beating all the whipped air out of the egg yolks. I use a wide rubber spatula for this step. Don’t worry if this sounds too technical–if you mess this up, your souffle will still be delish. Just not as puffy.

Mix until you don’t see any more white clumps of beaten egg white, and the batter is smooth and uniformly brown.

7. Pour into the melted butter in your pan and bake at 350 for 25 min. for a deep dish, and 20 for a wider, shallower 9×13. It’s done when you jiggle the pan, and the souffle doesn’t wiggle in the middle.

This fluffy yet rich, chocolate souffle is a glorious way to eat your eggs. Gluten and sugar-free, as well!

It’s kinda hard to take a picture of something so black and rich and chocolately. Oh well, you get the point. We devoured it. Except for Jeremy. He doesn’t like chocolate. Poor guy.

Now all they talk about is souffles. Even Seth (3 1/2) is sounding all gourmet, asking me to make ‘slooflay’. They want me to try a blueberry souffle next. Wish me luck.

Want more breakfast ideas? My book, Real Fast Food, includes our favorite, cheesy Scrambled Egg Casserole (gluten free), Soaked Oatmeal, and Best Breakfast Smoothie!

5 Real Food Blogs {That Won’t Stress You Out!}

Would it surprise you to know I don’t actually subscribe to any real food blogs? Nope, I have found that regular updates from real food blogs tend to stress me out–it’s Too Much Information, and can make me feel like I’m not doing enough, eating enough healthy food, that I’m just plain not good enough.

(Anyone relate?)

Instead, I have a few blogs I bookmark and visit on an as-needed basis–when I need inspiration for dinner, have a question, or need fresh motivation.

These blogs allow me to maintain a stress-free approach to real food, and they make me laugh!

My Favorite Real Food Blogs

Keeper of the Home

I love Stephanie for her balanced, Biblical approach to nourishing her family. I never get stressed out when I visit her blog. I’ve got to meet her a few times, and she’s just as lovely in person as on her blog. I can’t wait to hear her at the Raising Generations Today conference next March here in NY!

Kitchen Stewardship

I trust Katie to present well-researched, un-biased information on real, green, clean living. It was Katie that finally got me making my own mayo by showing me how simple it really was in a little vlog she made right in her kitchen.

Health, Home, Happiness

Kara’s experience in reversing her daughter’s autism is so inspiring to me. I go to her site specifically when I’m looking for information and inspiration on the healing power of traditional foods. She’s my main source for GAPS recipes and info.

Heavenly Homemakers

I love Laura’s practical and relatively relaxed approach to real food. She feeds 3 growing boys real food every day, but laughs more than she stresses about it. Her recipes are down-home comfort food and her writing style makes me laugh.

Stacy Makes Cents

Stacy makes me laugh. I know I should give you more of an intro, but if you can’t tell by now, a light-hearted approach to the challenge of feeding my family well is my favorite. Oh, I know what else to love about Stacy–she totally rocks the crockpot and her instagram makes me laugh every day.

What’s your favorite real food website? I’d love to bookmark a few more favorites. Oh, and you’re not letting yourself get stressed, are you?

10 Favorite Things That Help Me Love Being Pregnant

I teared up the other night when I said to Jeremy, “I love being pregnant!”


You could chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, that I’m willing to cry about a simple statement like that, but it really is significant to me that I have enjoyed this pregnancy. My other 3 pregnancies had me feeling so devoid of energy and uncomfortable throughout that I didn’t even know myself, and I just looked at it as 9 months to slog through to get to the baby at the end.

But this pregnancy has been different in so many ways. I have felt better than I thought I could in pregnancy. More energy, less nausea, and less general physical angst. Instead of crying myself to sleep, miserably nauseous and fighting heart burn every night, I’ve laid in bed and marveled that I finally get what women mean when they say “I love being pregnant!”

I believe this is due to a lot of factors (including the grace of God!), and I’m not about to claim a formula that would work for you (or even me next time around) but I did want to share some things that I feel have made a difference in this pregnancy.

Preparing for Pregnancy

1. Repairing Diastisis

It happened again just last weekend–I met someone for the first time and they couldn’t believe it when they found out I was pregnant. Peoples, I am 6 months along–I expect people to notice by now. But the reality is, closing up my diastisis (the separation of the stomach muscles that happens when you carry a child and results in that poochy, mummy-tummy all moms are familiar with) prior to this pregnancy has allowed me to carry this baby like a first time mom–small, and tight and close. I love the healing, strengthening workouts out!!!

Reducing Nausea…

2. Kidney/Liver Cleanse

I did a liver and kidney cleanse prior to conceiving as I’d heard that the extra burden that pregnancy puts on your cleansing organs can contribute to nausea. (Most of my cleanse inspiration and some of my herbs were sourced from the wonderful Bulk Herb Store.) I’ve had so little nausea in this pregnancy, I’m in shock. I’ve also not had that terrible lack of appetite that makes feeding myself torture.

3. GAPS Diet

Since I learning about the GAPS diet (a grain and sugar-free diet that promotes healing of the digestive tract through bone broths and cultured and fermented foods) I have done the diet as a gentle, rebuilding cleanse for 3 weeks each January. That means I’ve done it twice since my last pregnancy, and I feel it’s also been a contributing factor to the lack of digestive issues and heartburn I’ve experienced this time around. (Read more about how our family’s GAPS experiences and favorite recipes in these posts.)

4. Digestive Enzymes

One can’t eat perfectly healthy all the time, what with tight budgets and summer busyness, so I keep a good quality digestive enzyme on hand to take with my meals when we’re out and about or dinner is lacking in something lacto-fermented. Digest Gold from Enzymedica is my favorite.

For Stamina…

5. Iron Tea

The iron-rich herbal infusion from the “Making Babies” book has helped me keep on top of my body’s need for additional iron. It’s rather bitter, but I find I prefer it to the syrupy sweet (and expensive!) supplement I took in my other pregnancies. My budget and my blood love it.

6. Bedtime Snacks

I’ve learned that a high-protein snack before bed is essential to keeping my blood sugar stable overnight, ensuring a refreshing night’s rest and reducing morning lows. I stock cheese and crackers, peanut butter and apples, and keep dinner leftovers in small, ready-to-reheat portions so this fits into my bedtime routine easily.

For Sweet Dreams…

7. No (or Low) Sugar

I am no saint. Although it sounds like I eat all healthy all the time, I love a gooey, fresh chocolate chip cookie as much as the rest of the world. (Maybe more!) But every time I say yes to sugar, I say no to a good night’s rest. And ya’ll know I love my sleep. So, I reduced sugar significantly this summer, and immediately saw results–within 3 days of going sugar-free, I was sleeping soundly–except for when the kids woke me. (Guess who went off sugar next???)

8. A Calcium/Magnesium Supplement

I’m officially addicted to Ionic Fizz. So is Claire. It completely eradicates those awful pregnancy leg cramps, helps me sleep restfully, and is the secret to Claire sleeping without night terrors. And it’s yummy.

9. Body Pillow

Last time I vowed to myself that I’d not go through another pregnancy without a body pillow. Imagine my delight when I found Target carries a lovely one for $10. This thing is so much better than wrestling 3 pillows in to place every time I roll over. A pregnancy must have!

For Morale…

10. Embracing Beauty

Cover001The worst pregnancy symptom I suffered in my last three pregnancies was most certainly frumpiness. I just did not feel well enough, nor have the inspiration to find a look I loved for my changing shape. This had a terrible effect on morale!

This time has been so different. I have chosen a personal color scheme for the pregnancy, have a go-to hairstyle I love, and am embracing the beauty of this season. Hooray! You can learn how to choose a personal color scheme and find lots of tips for feeling beautiful during pregnancy in the chapter “Expect Great Things {A Rebellion Against Frump in Pregnancy} in my book, Embracing Beauty.

Here’s a shot of my baby belly, a favorite outfit, and and said hairstyle taken last month…


We are praising God for a healthy pregnancy so far and looking forward to welcoming #4 in October!

We don’t find out the gender beforehand (I like surprises!!!) so usually choose a boy’s and girl’s name in advance. We’ve got our boy’s name (and, no, I’m not telling!) but are stumped on a girl’s name. I’d just love to hear your favorites in the comments, pretty please?

linking up with my friend, September, for her My Favorite Things Monday Link Up!

10 Things I Discovered in May (Including a natural mosquito repellent!)

Life is like sifting for gold…you spend day after day doing a lot of monotonous stuff, when suddenly a little gem shows up, making the whole day (or even month!) bright and worth it all. When I took my blogging break, I realized the two things I missed most were telling stories and sharing with you the little discoveries that made my day. So, here’s a collection of my finds from May. I hope at least one of them makes your day brighter!

1. A unit study on volcanoes is a perfect excuse to make a Chocolate Peanut Butter Molten Lava Cake. I love homeschooling. When it involves chocolate, it’s even better.
2. I can make Chocolate Peanut Butter Molten Lava Cake in my crockpot. Now I don’t have to turn my oven on when it’s stinkin’ hot and I want cake! Stacey taught me this.
3. I can live without facebook. I know, incredible, right? Two whole weeks, and the internet didn’t break without me, and I did not break out in a rash. (There was that funny twitch in my left knee cap, but I’m choosing to believe that was unrelated.)
4. Books by the particular publishing company David C. Cook have this cool thing after the book called an “AfterWords” which is a little delectable interview with the author.  They say,

“When a delightful concert comes to an end, the orchestra might offer an encore.  When a fine meal comes to an end, it’s always nice to savor a bit of dessert. When a great story comes to an end, we think you may want to linger. And so, we offer…AterWords—just a little something more after you have finished a David C Cook novel.”

My favorite book on my Kindle (app) this month was Composing Amelia and it was so good, I was sad when it ended. The AfterWords made the hurt all better. I’m such a fan. (and you remember I get nearly all my Kindle books for free thanks to this site, right?)
5. We’re supposed to reject idols in our life. I had been trying to ‘manage’ some idols in my life. Nope. Wrong approach. Gotta get rid of them people. Two of mine are ‘sleep past a certain time of morning’, and ‘social media outside of set times’.
6. Chocolate Avocado Pudding should not be considered a health food. This undersells this amazingly delectable treat. I know it’s great for those who are sensitive to dairy or trying to avoid sugar, but seriously. This stuff is purely craveable. I promise you do NOT taste the avocado. And there’s not lingering aftertaste of guilt, either. Whoever was brave enough to invent this stuff has my highest respect. (Here’s a recipe I’m going to try) My friend Sarah first made this for me–you can find all kinds of goodness on her amazing Pinterest Recipe boards  of GAPS-friendly food. (She and her whole family have been doing GAPS for 4 months now and they are seeing amazing results!)
7. Whole chicken really is the cheapest way to buy your chicken. I already knew this, but I confirmed it to myself on a recent visit to the grocery store. Instead of buying parts for all the grilling we like to do when warm weather arrives, I’m sticking with my whole roaster bird, and cutting it up when I get it home. 
8. Pineapple contains a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain, meaning eating it with protein helps you digest said protein better. So it’s one of the fruits you should eat with other foods. Unlike watermelon. Oh, please. Melons: Eat them Alone or Leave them Alone. (you know what happens, right? Are you really gonna make me say it out loud on the blog? It can make you throw up. It almost always has this effect on my kids if they eat it with anything else. There. Only for you.)
9. Peanut Butter and Jelly stirred into plain yogurt makes a great, high protein snack. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 

10. My mother-in-law made a natural mosquito repellent the other day and it actually works! We tested it on Jeremy, who the bugs love more than anyone else in this family. He swears by it. Well, Jeremy doesn’t swear, but you get what I mean. Here’s what we used…

Combine in a 16 oz. spray bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. Shake and spray on to enjoy the outdoors without the bugs enjoying you.

Hmmm. Looking over this list I realized 6 out of 10 of the month’s bright spots had to do with food, and 4 involved chocolate. (Do I need to add another item to my idols list?) You can definitely tell I’m preggo!

Tell me what’s brightened your life since the last time we met here!

Just Makin’ Some Ice Cream

My children love it when I experiment with different kinds of ice cream!


“Do you love it?” I asked.

Silent, solemn nods from 3 little people, devoutly devouring the homemade ice cream they’d been looking forward to for the last 3 hours.

Yesterday I made ice cream from  “Just Making Ice Cream“. Half way through the process, I called my friend and mentor-in-all-things-nourishing, Claire (she’s the one who has taught me that homemade ice cream is good for this pregnant mommy because of all the good fats and egg yolks!)

“I’ve got this awesome new ice cream recipe you’ve got to try!” I panted over the phone.

“Are you eating it right now?” she asked, suspicious of what sounded like a new form of torture: hearing someone eat homemade ice cream over long-distance.

“No, but I know it will be awesome because it has over a stick of butter in it!” I gasped out the words while renewing my whisking efforts with the egg yolks. (I get a little excited when trying a new recipe)

She laughed and encouraged me to enjoy myself on her behalf.


Although we’ve been making our own ice cream for 4 years, I’ve stuck to plain old vanilla or my favorite chocolate peanut butter because most recipes I find in cookbooks or online are dependent on sweetened condensed milk, unnatural sugars, or some other ingredient I don’t usually stock in my cupboards.

That’s why I was so excited about the book “Just Making Ice Cream“–every recipe is naturally sweetened and calls for whole, raw, or even cultured ingredients! (Yes, that means a whole section of recipes in the book are GAPS friendly, people!!!) This was my kind of ice cream!!!!

The Just Making Ice Cream book is AMAZING

The book has got to be one of the most gorgeous ebooks I’ve ever opened–every page makes you drool. And every recipe is optimized for nourishment and happy, messy smiles for your whole family, no matter what flavor they love! Other highlights include:

  • everything you need to know about the process of making ice cream (I’ve been doing this for years and I learned lots of new stuff!)
  • instructions for substitutions and non-dairy alternatives
  • 5 ways to make ice cream if you don’t have a machine (seriously!)
  • how to choose an ice cream maker
  • more ice cream varieties than I’ve ever seen in one place (over 70 recipes!)

I’ve tried making cookie dough ice cream before because it is Mr. Holden’s favorite. Alas, the efforts were lacking in the proper flavor and the chocolate was entirely too crunchy. But Marillyn’s recipe looked very promising, so I dove right in. I was excited to try a custard-style recipe, my basic ice cream recipe being a raw base. I ended up over-cooking the custard, but went back to the beginning of the book and found hints for not doing that again.

making cookie dough ice cream!


After putting the custard to cool, I mixed up the simple cookie dough recipe, put it in the freezer to harden, then we went for our bike ride. When we got back, I froze the mixture, adding the chocolate at the last minute using Marillyn’s great technique to keep it from being too, too crunchy. I chopped and folded in the cookie dough bites, and then popped the whole thing back in the freezer to ripen.

I fed the kids theirs, to rave reviews, and after they were in bed served Mr. Holden and myself generous bowl-fulls to enjoy together in the quiet of the evening. The flavor was phenomenal, and my man was pleased.  The ice cream had gotten quite hard, so next time I will use the added ingredient Marillyn recommended for keeping the finished product a bit creamier and softer. I’m simply delighted to now own the definitive guide to nourishing ice cream making, and can’t wait to try another recipe!

The hardest part will be deciding which…Cherry Swirl Cheesecake Gelato? Maple Cinnamon Pecan? Rainbow Fruit Sorbet?

Oh, help me!

Get your copy of Just Making Ice Cream here.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen of Sauerkrauts

The Dead of Winter is the perfect time to finish my series on Sauerkraut. Find the first three posts of this series under the tag Loving Sauerkraut!

Purple Sauerkraut is a condiment fit for royalty!

Finally, we introduce the Queen of Sauerkraut: traditional German Kraut. You can make it with or without caraway seeds, and if you choose a purple cabbage (which I totally recommend) you get a regal purple condiment to add to your favorite meat and potatoes meal.

Traditional German Sauerkraut Recipe

  • 1 medium cabbage, cored and shredded
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • 4 tablespoons whey

In a bowl, mix cabbage and with (optional) caraway seeds, sea salt, and whey. Pound with a wooden pounder or a meat hammer for about 10 minutes to release juices. Place in a quart-sized, wide-mouth mason jar and press down firmly with a pounder or meat hammer until juices come to the top of the cabbage. The top of the cabbage should be at least 1 ince below the top of the jar. Cover tightly and keep at room temperature for about 3 days before transferring to cold storage. The sauerkraut may be eaten immediately,m but it improves with age.

Recipe from Nourishing Traditions

Into every meal some sauerkraut should fall. It is a digestive aid and a few teaspoons is all you need to bring your favorite hearty winter meal up to cuisine fit for a king. I find traditional German sauerkraut to be perfect for meat and potatoes, beef stew, and any savory winter meal.

Sauerkraut completes many a hearty winter dish!

Now, I believe that even if you’re not Dutch or German, you can learn to enjoy sauerkraut with your meat and potatoes. My husband feels differently and gives me funny looks whenever I turn my potatoes pink with a spoonful of this pretty stuff. I’ll admit that I’m not always in the mood for the extra flavor (or the trouble of fetching a condiment out of the fridge when I’m the only one going to touch it), but it remains a simple, cheap way to boost the nutritional value of a meal. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Don’t miss:

  • Cordito…Mexican sauerkraut to add authentic flavor to tacos and more!
  • Kimchi…I like to pair this Korean sauerkraut with chicken or rice dishes
  • Gingered Carrots…tangy and almost sweet, this one’s great to toss in salads!

Have you tried sauerkraut yet? I know some of you have and I’m sooo proud of you. Thanks for keeping me company on this weird and wonderful whole foods journey!

GAPS Diet for Kids {food your kids will love!}

Of course, the one of the biggest question people have about GAPS is “how will I get my kids to eat it?”

I’m not gonna sugar coat this (that would totally defeat the goal of the diet, wouldn’t it?):  if, due to you or your kid’s needs, you need to do the Intro Diet, then it may be a little tricky in the beginning. Cara of Health, Home, and Happiness has a great post getting kids to eat GAPS. She is so encouraging, and I would just add: remember you are not alone, and you are totally doing a great thing for your kids!

We are not actually doing the Intro diet because we don’t have any allergies or digestive issues to address, but we have had our kids on the less-restrictive Full GAPS (a grain and sugar-free diet) for a week now and no one has starved!

Those following my Real {Fast} Food Facebook page know what we’ve been eating, but I thought I’d throw up a post here for you!


Banana Pancakes


grain-free personal pizzas


Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies (flourless and sugarless like my favorite brownie recipe)

(Side note: these cookies kept us up till midnight because of the delicious amount of cocoa powder in them! From now on, chocolate is a breakfast food for this family! LOL)


Pumpkin Pie Souffle (good for breakfast, snacks, or dessert!)


Butternut Squash Fries and Meatzza


French Toast Souffle (Souffles are pretty much our favorite way to eat eggs)

For snacks we did cheese, fresh and dried fruit, and leftover pancakes or souffle. It’s been a great week of knowing I was nourishing them well and jump-starting their nutrition for the coming year. They have hardly complained at all, although they are looking forward to their first soaked grains tomorrow–Jesse has requested oatmeal! (I’m staying on GAPS for a little while yet, but am adding in a few soaked grains here and there to the kid’s diet.)

If you have questions about the GAPS diet or are wondering where to start, please check out my GAPS resource page!

Why and How to Start the GAPS Diet {Menu Plan Included!}

We started GAPS yesterday! This is our family’s second year doing the GAPS diet in January to jump-start our year with better health.

Why Do GAPS??

The GAPS diet is a grain-free diet that focuses on easy-to-digest meats, broths, and veggies in an effort to ‘heal and seal’ the intestines. GAPS stands for ‘Gut and Physcology Syndrome” and is based on the book by the same name by Natasha Campbell-McBride and has been used to effectively heal Autism, ADD, ADHD, Depression, Schizophrenia, Chrone’s Disease, Candida, and more.

We do the diet as a gentle cleanse for the whole family. You may be interested in the diet if you have digestive issues, allergies, or grain, gluten or milk intolerances. The great news about GAPS is that you don’t have to be on it forever–once you’ve healed and sealed your gut, you can enjoy foods that you were previously allergic to!

GAPS How-To:

The GAPS diet has 6 stages which are increasing less restrictive until you reach “Full GAPS”. Last year we went on Full GAPS as a family for 3 weeks, and I worked through the 6 stages of more intense GAPS on my own. If you’re doing GAPS for the first time, I recommend starting with Full GAPS, and when you get into that rhythm, you can try the GAPS Intro.

Here I shared my favorite resources for learning about GAPS and finding yummy recipes my family would eat. You can also read what we ate, how we felt, and why we quit our grain free experiment!

OK, now to this year! Let me just say, this is so much easier the second time around! Mainly because I saved my menu plans from last year and we’re just reusing them. I checked my menu, went shopping, checked my menu, made dinner, checked my menu, made breakfast….and so on. No brain power needed. Instead, I’m using my brain power to walk you through taking your family on a GAPS journey!

1. Menu Plan for GAPS Diet

This is THE #1 secret to a successful diet. Plan ahead what you’re gonna eat so you’re not stuck trying to figure out what’s for dinner when you’ve got Detox Brain Fog and mac and cheese is no longer an option. Here’s the menu I’m working from this week:

B: Smoothies and Omelets
L: Supermuffins and steamed carrots
D: Taco Salad, minus chips
Snacks: Nutbutter brownies, Apples

B: Pumpkin Nutbutter Pancakes with Honeybutter
L: Leftovers
D: Meatzza, Squash Fries, Salad
S: Leftover Pancakes, Apples

B: French Toast Souffle and Smoothies
L: Leftovers
D: Roast Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Steamed Carrots, Gravy
S: Grapes, Cheese

B: Omelets
L: Leftovers
D: Beef stew
S: Pumpkin Pie Souffle, Apples

B: Yogurt with blueberries, scrambled eggs
L: Leftovers
D: Meatloaf, squash fries, Broccoli with cheese, sauerkraut
S: Apple nut balls, grapes

B: Apple nut balls, omelets
L: Leftovers
D: Spaghetti Squash with meatballs and sauce
S: Nut bars

B: Banana Pancakes
L: Spaghetti Pie
D: Shepard’s Pie
S: Apples and peanut butter

Again, you can check out this post for where I found our family’s favorite GAPS recipes. It’s helpful to have a complete list of Recommended Foods and Foods to Avoid as you craft your menu–if you are interested in a printable of these, let me know.

2. Take time to prepare for GAPS.

Although we started GAPS just yesterday, I’ve been preparing in little ways for weeks. My freezer is stocked with butter I made when I was getting a lot of cream from my milk supplier, as well as storebought I grabbed when it was on sale. I also have lots of chicken and turkey broth put up. I made a half gallon of yogurt last week, and I already had three jars of sauerkraut in my fridge (leftover from last year, actually. Yeah, it’s still good!!). So, make your

  • yogurt
  • kefir
  • stock,
  • sauerkraut
  • and stock up on whatever freezes well.

Check out my favorite sauerkraut recipes here.

3. Go Shopping!

(Don’t you love when I tell you to do that?)

Once you’ve got your menu planned and your advanced prep done, you’re ready to go shopping for all those veggies!


This is what shopping for GAPS looks like. Nothing too weird, right?


And just look at these yummies you can have on Full GAPS: Steak, cheese, fruits, and coconut milk!

4. Be Smart in the Kitchen

Everything I talk about in my book about Menu planning, bulk food prep, and freezer cooking applies to GAPS diet. You need to make every minute in your kitchen count, or you will get burnt out. I’ve gotten into the habit of making two meals each time I make dinner. Meatbals and meatloaf use almost all the same ingredients, right? So make them both, and freeze the one for later in the week.

Freezer Cooking on GAPS diet

On Tuesday I mixed up meatloaf and Supermuffins while I was making the taco salad. Three meals at one time–score!

Butternut squash fries

There’s freedom in leftovers, people! My family won’t eat this many squash fries in one setting, but that’s the whole idea. Planning for Leftovers means I don’t have to make lunch the next day, just reheat!

A GAPS dinner the whole family loves

My Final Tip:

Buy Paper Plates. You need to simplify wherever you can if you’re gonna be trying a whole new style of cooking. Go ahead and eat off paper plates if it makes things easier. That’s what I do!

What do you think? Doesn’t sound too crazy, does it? Got questions? Fire away! I’m no expert but I’d love to help if I can!

My Favorite eBooks This Week {and another sale!}

Last week I dug deep into the Healthy Living eBook Bundle and my, what a treasure it is!  Here’s a snippet review of my top picks in the Bundle. Sad you missed the sale? Check out the exciting announcement at the end of this post!

Stephanie’s Healthy Homemaking is a great place to start, or even brush up on your understanding of the why’s and how’s of a green and nourishing lifestyle. Not a lot of the info in her book was new to me, but when I got to her chart on fats, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” I realized it was worth the whole cost of the book! What to look for when choosing fats and how to use–and not use!–each fat, all in a tidy chart for easy reference. Definitely something to print and keep handy.


LeeAnne’s book totally inspired my menu this week with her easy, 20 min. meals. We had Sloppy Joes for dinner last night and I’m making a modified version of her Skillet Lasagna for dinner tonight. I need meals like this in my tiny bus kitchen–easy and yummy!

Kresha’s book got me really excited–I can make my own Worcestershire sauce? Wow! She’s got recipes for EVERYTHING and the content is beautifully presented and organized.


Perfect if you like making homemade Christmas gifts! I was thrilled to find a recipe for homemade lip balm. I’ve been saving containers to recycle for years–now I finally have a recipe to refill them with!

One of the most exciting books in the bundle to me–and one I have already recommend several times since reading it. I was encouraged to find that home is not the only place one can have a natural birth.  Jenny wisely and gracefully walks us through her journey to natural birth, and gives lots of practical advice for planning and experiencing your own natural birth in the hospital. Also? She contains links to further reading and resources.





OK, are your ready for the good news? If you missed the opportunity to grab this ebook bundle last fall, all of these titles are included in a fresh new bundle, available from April 29th to May 4th…Check out the list of 97 ebooks for just $29.97 HERE!


The Healthy Living eBook Collection {featuring my book!}

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Oh, friends–check this out! My book is being featured in The Healthy Living eBook Collection! Here’s the information on this amazing sale…

27 prominent Healthy Living authors have joined together to bundle 34 of their most popular eBooks, valued at just over $300, for the incredibly low price of $29.

That’s only $0.87 per book to gain inspiration, encouragement, and the practical resources you need for your own healthy lifestyle.
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What’s Included in the Sale?

When you purchase the Healthy Living eBook collection, you will get instant access to each of the 34 eBooks listed below, PLUS FREE Bonuses!

Each Healthy Living eBook Bundle comes with FREE Bonuses from several of our favorite healthy living companies.


Real Food Meals for the Whole Family

Baking, Snacks and Desserts

Homemade “Everything” (Condiments, Pantry Basics, etc.)

Grain Free and Paleo/Primal Eating

Saving Money on Real Food

Skincare and Beauty

Homesteading, Gardening and Preserving

Healthy Lifestyle

Pregnancy and Babies

PLUS, You will receive FREE Bonuses from awesome Healthy Living companies…

This collection is only available from 8 a.m. EST on Monday to 8 a.m. EST on Wednesday. There will be no late sales offered.

Phew! That’s a lot of information! I’m out of breath! But I’m seriously excited to share this offer with you–I’ve already got the bundle and it’s amazing. I’m going to highlight some of my favorites from the bundle in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, snag your copy of this amazing deal, and be sure to enter the drawing for those killer prizes!

P.S. this post does contain affiliates links–I will receive a portion of the sales of the bundle, as it includes my book. :) I’m also an affiliate for many of the individual books, so if you just grab one of the titles, you’re still supporting my site–thanks!