Bloggers Unite! Part First

With warm weather comes the fun of finally getting out and about and meeting some of the great people I’ve grown close to through our blogs. There are several such meetings scheduled in May, the first one happened, quite on a whim, last Tuesday.

I got to meet “Persuaded” who has been one of my most faithful readers since the infancy of this blog.

She was quite delighted to meet my children in person, and Seth was having fun, too – you can just see a smile behind his passy…

Sarah joined us there, as well, so it was a fun reunion of bloggers and cute babies.

We met up at The Lilac Farm – a family business some friends of mine started this year – they have over 60 lilacs – lots of different varieties, and the smell was lovely. There’s a cute little gift shop, lots of plants for sale and inspiration in the lovely landscaping. Oh, and ducks and chickens and a reclusive white peacock. Have I said enough to convince you to plan your next picnic there? If so, connect with me and I will meet you there!

Thanks to Persuaded for the photo of us together (mine turned out blurry). You can visit her blog for more lovely pictures – she actually remembered to take photos of the lilacs! LOL

More Reunions next week…

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  1. says

    From reading Persuaded's comments on your blog in the past I would have never guessed you hadn't met before. How much fun it is that you finally got to meet!

  2. says

    I was delighted to meet *you* too my dear! It was such fun and I can't wait to meet again and get to know you and your family even better☺