Sweet Tea and Southern Hospitality

Last year at this time, we had just moved into our new doublewide on an undeveloped lot in my in-law’s trailer part in Alabama. Jeremy had had to leave almost as soon as we arrived to go back and finish getting our house in NY on the market. I was happy as a lark, settling […]

Favorites for Friends (10 gifts under $20)

perfect gifts for friends--all under $20!

Can you really find good gifts under $20? I think you can because so often it’s the littlest things that bring a smile or a bit of refreshment on a rough day. This has been a challenging year for me, with sleep deprivation, tight finances, and lots of life adjustments.  When I look back over the […]

Five Minute Felted Acorns

These wet felted acorns are so quick, you can make a handful in an hour!

If you’ve never felted before, don’t be intimidated by these felted acorns. Felting is so easy, it often happens by accident (remember that wool sweater you shrunk last year?). Balls are the easiest felt shape to achieve, and these take under 5 minutes each. How to Make Felted Acorns Supplies wool (here’s a beautiful pack […]

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

make your own Christmas wreath this year!

Learning to make your own Christmas wreath can save you money and give you a great way to bless friends and family this month! I’ve been making Christmas wreaths for nearly 20 years. For many years, it was a business for me and I made so many wreaths every November and December that my hands […]

The Bad Hair Year and Your Opinion, Please

2014-11-02 08.56.20

We interrupt this productive flurry of life changing and issues-driven posts for a frank and slightly more frivolous discussion on the topic of hair. I’m a verbal processor, and my in real life friends ought not the bear the weight of my issues on their own. No, I’m gonna bring the whole internet in on […]

The Ultimate List of Advent Books for Kids

Here's a list of 50 of the best Christmas books to help you you create a special tradition for your family. Includes traditional and modern classics, and lists for preschoolers and older children., too!

My favorite part of Christmas is not the gifts, the food, and not even the excuse to fill my house with fresh greenery (although that is high on the list!). For me it’s always been traditions. Be they unique or simple, I love that comforting feeling of doing the same thing at the same time […]