My Back Doesn’t Hurt Anymore! (Tummy Team Recap Week 4)

I wasn’t scheduled to blog about my experience with the Tummy Team Core Rehab Program until next week, but ya’ll–I can’t wait to tell you what’s happened! As of this week, I’m pain free!!! It seems to good to be true, but just over a month into the program, the pain in my back is […]

Dispatch from the Doldrums

This week my inner energizer bunny ground to a halt. I’m typically a very driven, high-energy person. I have brainstorms like Alabama has thunderstorms–often several in one day. I go from one thing to the next, my passion keeping me from pausing for very long between each task, my mind nearly always excited about something. […]

Lifestyle Discipleship {for the children}

Lifestyle Discipleship

I wrote this post over a year ago, then somehow forgot it in drafts. I needed to read it today, and hope it encourages you, too! It’s never too early to introduce children to the God who wants to know them personally… Discipling my children has been a passion of mine since before I even […]

Extreme Thrifting: Birthday Edition


Some of us have the thrifting bug worse then others. I definitely have an advanced case. Which is why, when Lydia’s first birthday approached, I left her napping with her daddy and hauled the rest of my crew to the local thrift store to birthday shop. I wanted to get her a doll–I guess that’s […]

From Guilt to Strength {Tummy Team, Week 2 Recap}


Here’s a report on how I’m doing, two weeks into the 8 week online core rehab course from The Tummy Team. You can read why and how I started in this post. I’m super pumped this week because I’ve had some ups and downs but things are a changin’ for the better! Here’s a recap… […]

Lydia’s Birth Story


She turned one this week. One whole year of the incredible joy her tiny self has brought into our home. 2:30am is her favorite time of day. My other babies were sleeping through the night more often than not at this age. My only explanation for the bonding time that we have once or twice […]

Redneck Deck Reveal


It’s time to show you our finished deck! If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen some glimpses of our deck project, which we fondly called our #redneckdeck because it really did have very rustic beginnings. Today I’m gonna give you the whole story… Last November we moved from Upstate New York to my in-laws […]