Happy New Year From the Holdens

Reformation Day Family Shot

Happy New Year, friends! The New Year represents to me not just a fresh start, but one more legitimate chance to give the family update that other people seem to get done before Christmas. I suspect in the future I could be the one credited with starting the tradition of sending out a Family Newsletter – [Continue Reading…]

Five Minute Felted Acorns

These wet felted acorns are so quick, you can make a handful in an hour!

If you’ve never felted before, don’t be intimidated by these felted acorns. Felting is so easy, it often happens by accident (remember that wool sweater you shrunk last year?). Balls are the easiest felt shape to achieve, and these take under 5 minutes each. How to Make Felted Acorns Supplies wool (here’s a beautiful pack – [Continue Reading…]