Best of 2011 – Time and Balance

It all started with Amy’s book, Tell Your Time. Reading it opened my eyes to how many moments were actually available to me in a day if I would only take hold of them. I realized the goals and dreams I had as a wife, mother, friend, writer, etc. where within my reach if I was willing to make daily choices toward these goals. This involved a lot of prioritizing and sacrifice as my biggest time sucker was the computer.

All year I continued to be challenged and convicted to use my time more wisely, first with getting over my facebook addiction, next becoming purposeful about the blogs I was reading, and then taking my blog more seriously.  Taking notes from my own journey, I shared some practical ideas on finding balance on Passionate Homemaking.

My new, virtual mentor, John Maxwell, had a huge impact on decisions I made as my online presence morphed, and Relevant gave me a completely new, God-infused vision for why I’m here to begin with!

Then along came Laura Booz and her book, Blogger Behave {which actually threw me for a tailspin as it really got to the foundation of why I blog and revealed a lot of pride} and her series, Social Media Behave. Then she wrote another series called the Chicken Principle. I tell you, by the end of that, I was *this* close to giving up blogging, till a wise friend reminded me that it really IS worth the daily fight for balance. She said, sure, it’s easier to walk away, but may not be the most fruitful, God-glorifying choice. Quitting could be a cop-out, when the Lord may have wonderful lessons of moderation, self-control, and self discipline to teach me in this place.

So, I’m sticking with it, folks, but you’ll be hearing more about time management and finding balance in future posts ’cause I AM a busy momma of little ones, but telling my story to the Glory of God is one of my priorities, and I’m willing to share how I get from there {laundry, dishes, homeschool, housework} to here {writing authentic blog posts and connecting with all my lovely online friends} as I journey along!

Have you read Tell Your Time yet? Did it change your life? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Anonymous says

    So very glad you aren't quitting!!! I would really miss you and your blog. I'm so glad you are feeling better about time online. :) jyl