As soon as I got unpacked from our ski trip I headed into the studio. This week I am at last free to spend some time in there now that we are settled in and between ski trips (next one is a trip to Vermont in March). I have several friends getting married this spring and I am sewing presents. Unfortunately, they read the blog, so I can’t show you anything for a while yet!
So, that explains my absence from the computer! I did make a short video of our ski trip photos and will post them later today!

Highlights of the trip…
Watching opening ceremonies for the Empire State Games in the very rink where the Miracle On Ice occurred.

Olivia’s opportunity to teach a participant in the Games for the Physically Challenged how to ski for the first time. Her girl won a gold medal, and got the trophy for most improved skier!

Really nice weather – so mild (20-30′s) that we were able to take Jesse out twice! He skied all by himself without support or ski tips! And he loved it.

Off to the studio! :)

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