Another Surprise

It seems a day for surprises!!! I experienced my own this weekend, in the form of a weekend get-away with my husband for our anniversary! That is the reason you have not heard from me on this, the big day of Book month! We just got home from spending the holiday weekend in Wellsboro, PA, where we stayed in a nice hotel and visited the ‘Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania’. I had no idea Jeremy had planned this – he even packed my bags, and some how got me out the door on Sunday morning thinking we were on our way to Church, just like ordinary. Then, we turned right instead of left and I looked at him in surprise – “Where are we going?!” “Away!” he said with a big grin – “For our anniversary!” I couldn’t have been more surprised. I had seen him load up his guitar case and the projector himself (he leads worship at our fellowship), but what I didn’t know was that when I was gone all day on Friday, he’d replaced his guitar with clothes for us for the weekend. And yes, he remembered everything!!! :) Even my toothbrush. How cool is that? :)

So, anyway, with the reality that this IS our anniversary, I am not going to spend anymore time on the computer this evening. The Unveiling of our book list will begin on the morrow. That means the chance to get your name in the hat is over, and the drawing will take place next Monday. Meanwhile, COMMENT MODERATION HAS BEEN DISABLED and the blog will now return to normal! Hooray!!! We will have your list for you tomorrow, as well as pictures and the rest of the story of our trip!

So, farewell! Happy anniversary to us!!! :)

P.S. wasn’t it fun to hear from Anja? We love you, Lee!!!

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  1. sarah says

    lol, Olivia! ;)

    Cool is right, concerning the toothbrush and your entire trip. It was so fun yesterday hearing that you had gone off on a surprise trip, Trina!

    Happy Anniversary Jeremy -&- Trina!

    It has been so awesome getting to know you over the last year…
    one year ago was our second visit to Church and the first time I met Anja & Olivia! ::smile::