I’m a Little Dutch Girl…
My name is Trina. It’s the Americanized version of my Dutch name, “Trintje”. My mother immigrated from Holland when she was four, thus my childhood was sprinkled with Dutch traditions – literally. Chocolate Sprinkles on Toast. Wooden Shoes. Dutch Lullabies. I love my dutch heritage – it is the inspiration for my delft china collection, and probably the reason I’m such a clean freak (or, try to be!).

I’m 28, 5’9″, with blue eyes and big feet. I was shy when I was young, but have quite got over that now (quite) and most would consider me outgoing. I’m a driven, goal oriented person who is trying to learn to slow down and enjoy life occasionally.

Who Lived in a Tipi…
The year I turned 13 my family moved to 200 acres in Upstate NY to homestead. We lived off the electric grid, built our house, and raised much of our own food for nearly 10 years. I plan to publish a book someday about our experiences, and am posting chapters as I write them here on the blog, beginning with the tales from when we camped in a tipi the first year.You can find the chapters here under “Tipi Tales.”
One of the best thing I received from my parents was that they chose to homeschool me. And my 6  siblings. All the way through to graduation. I was taught many things, but most of all to love learning, which equipped me for life better than any particular subject or college course or test.

In 2005 I married my husband, Jeremy, (read our love story) and we now have 3 children, Jesse(born in ’06), Claire(’08), and Seth(’10). I spend my days caring for my little family, with the occasionally free moment to blog, sew, read, or scrapbook. Half my blog posts are typed from an awkward angle or with one hand ’cause I’m nursing a baby. ☺

Busy Making a Happy Home…
We live on 1.7 acres just outside of a small town in the center of the Finger Lakes Region. We bought our cute, vintage house at auction in 2009 and are slowly in the process of making it our own. We’ve got lots of space and love to fill it up with friends, new and old, so if you are in the area, please feel free to come for a visit!

Our family, September, 2010

I am passionate about cooking nutritious meal for my family, keeping my home to create a haven for others, and managing my time well so I have a chance to write, blog, and create on a regular basis. Keeping a home and raising children to love the Lord is a high calling, a role of inestimable value and impact, and one that I find great fulfillment in. The satisfaction and blessing I receive as I serve God by serving my family is what motivates me to inspire and encourage other women here on my blog.

Thank you for stopping by, and for your lovely comments and the friendships we are building here.