A Poem about Stuff

Yup, I’m gettin’ real deep here, ya’ll. And oh, so clever with my post titles, no?

The fact is, I’ve been going on minimal sleep now for a month (though Lydia is a good sleeper, really she is, there’s only so much shut eye to be had in a house of 4 children!) and every day is full. to. the. brim. with Important Things That Need To Be Done Before We Leave (in one week! Eeek!) so my personal writing has consisted mostly of scattered thoughts in my journal as I fall into bed at night. A few of these thoughts lined themselves up into a ragged poem last night…

Box Mountain

The box mountain
Inches toward the ceiling
Its base growing with its height.
My life packed up in
Screeching tape
And rigid cardboard.
One-hundred-forty boxes
So far
Methinks my house should feel empty
But it’s fuller than ever
Children racing through
Nearly-bare rooms
Making fun from scratch
Since most of the toys are packed
I meet my husband’s eyes
Our excitement for the
Current Adventure
Fills the space between and every room
I look again at the box mountain
And ask,
“Who needs all this stuff, anyway?!”

boxmountainToday I made it to the 150th box…and ran out of boxes. Tomorrow I shall drive to town for more. Oh, and to unload the trunk-full of stuff I decided should definitely go to the Salvation Army! lol I tell you, there’s nothing like facing hauling something 1000 miles to make you think twice as to whether it is crucial to your way of life. Can I get an amen?

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  1. Jyl says

    Love the poem! I so know that feeling. This was the first time I moved since being married and add two kids. What an ordeal. So much different. We moved three thousand miles so we understand. Sounds like you are getting over the hump of it though. Will pray for grace!

  2. Jess says

    I can so relate! We just moved into our first house and although it was only 7 miles away from our apartment, there are a ton of things I decided to donate just so I didn’t have to pack them lol