Answers about oil pulling from a gal who's been doing it for over a year and healed cavaties!

Oil Pulling: Frequently Asked Questions

And when I say frequently, I mean frequently! Ever since I wrote about how we cured my husband's cavity with a combination of nutrition and oil pulling, I've gotten dozens of questions on the subject. In fact, I get new emails every day about this Continue Reading

Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle

Gluten Free Banana Split Souffle

Ya'll. We've been grain free this week (we usually do this for a stretch each January to jump-start our health for the new year--read about why and how we do it here) and I've been getting creative in the kitchen. Sometimes this is a recipe Continue Reading



When Your Art Feels “Ridiculous”

The other day Jesse came up to me with a solemn expression and made this confession: "Mom, sometimes when I'm in the bathroom by myself, I make up little songs but then I say 'That's ridiculous!' to myself. And I stop." Because this boy lives Continue Reading


How I Learned to Say “Ya’ll”

It's time for a little Ebenezer raisin' here, folks. My soul's been buckled down, in gear, doing its thing, focused on survival. But the other day I realized it's been a while since we went dancing. And we have a lot of things to dance about. So Continue Reading

The Biggest Blogging Secret

People. I'm about to reveal to you the secret sauce behind my blog...and a host of other blogs you may read that cause you to wonder, "how does she do it?" (Whether my blog actually causes you to marvel is probably debatable. But other blogs! I'm Continue Reading